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A look back at 2015 | That White Paper Guy

We covered a lot this year in our quest to help you create compelling white papers. To give you a quick review, we’re highlighting the best of the bunch. ____________________________________________ That White Paper Guy’s website We’ve been sharing articles every two weeks on our website, We’ve found you love to see real-world examples from our portfolio, and you love…

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How to get hired to write a white paper

Are you looking for work as a white paper writer? Think about this from your client’s point of view.  Why should they hire you? Your answer can help you create your ideal customer avatar or persona… and land more business. In fact, most white paper clients have to consider three basic trade-offs: Time or money Writing experience or domain knowledge Full-service or text-only Knowing where…

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How to hire a white paper writer

If you’re looking for a white paper writer, how do you find one? Don’t just rush to Google “white paper writer.” Instead, take a minute to consider three trade-offs to help zero in on the perfect writer for you. Are you looking more for one or the other of these three questions: Save time or…

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Marketers: To get more from your white papers, repurpose

So you’ve hired a B2B copywriter to create a white paper for your firm. How can you get more from your investment? Simple: Repurpose your white paper into multiple formats. Having essentially the same material available in different formats gives your company more “kicks at the can.” In other words, more chances to engage prospects.…

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The best of That White Paper Guy

infographic on 3 flavors of white papers from White Papers For Dummies

Looking for tips and tricks on white papers? Let’s review some of the free resources available from That White Paper Guy.  An infographic, an FAQ about white papers, recommended books, close to 100 easy-to-search articles, our LinkedIn group, and even a crash course in writing B2B content — we’ve got plenty for you to explore. Download our white paper infographic…

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When NOT to use a white paper

I believe white papers are the most powerful form of content any B2B company can produce. But there are times when using a white paper may not be the best choice to reach an audience.  Whether you’re a white paper copywriter or a B2B marketer, remember that a white paper may not work well in any of these situations:…

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7 habits of highly effective white paper writers

  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is an acknowledged self-help masterpiece. Written by Stephen Covey and published in 1989, this book has sold an estimated 25 million copies. And it’s been translated into 38 (?!) languages. These seven habits make a lot of sense to me. And I’ve been thinking about how well Covey’s…

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White paper samples

Some “experts” say there are eight, 10, even 40 different types of white papers?! That’s a lot to remember, and a lot to choose from when you want to publish a white paper. And I don’t think anyone needs that much complexity. Three main flavors, plus two mashups, cover 90% of all the white papers…

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How to plan a product backgrounder

Once upon a time, every white paper was a product backgrounder. A backgrounder is good for explaining an unfamiliar or misunderstood product to a technical audience. For a prospect at the end of the sales cycle, or to back up a product launch, a backgrounder can be powerful. These documents do have shortcomings. Unless your…

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