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White Paper Planning

The best of That White Paper Guy

infographic on 3 flavors of white papers from White Papers For Dummies

Looking for tips and tricks on white papers? Let’s review some of the free resources available from That White Paper Guy.  An infographic, an FAQ about white papers, recommended books, close to 100 easy-to-search articles, our LinkedIn group, and even a crash course in writing B2B content — we’ve got plenty for you to explore. Download our white paper infographic…

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6 reasons why video will never replace white papers

Surveys show that about 7 out of 10 B2B vendors use white papers. This number has stayed at the same level for the last 10 years. Clearly, white papers work. But even though I write white papers, I don’t claim that every last B2B company in the world should use them. There are some companies that just…

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When NOT to use a white paper

I believe white papers are the most powerful form of content any B2B company can produce. But there are times when using a white paper may not be the best choice to reach an audience.  Whether you’re a white paper copywriter or a B2B marketer, remember that a white paper may not work well in any of these situations:…

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Why you should include video in your next white paper

There is a good reason to include video in your next white paper. Your white paper reader is changing. Today’s decision-makers are pressed for time and attention. Like all of us, they’re distracted by social media, e-mail, workday interruptions, and way too much content coming their way. They also face meetings, reports to write, decisions to make. The result is…

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How to create a white paper mashup

What if you need a white paper that’s more than just one flavor? As you know, I believe there are three main “flavors” of white papers. Vanilla: A backgrounder zooms in on a certain product or service. Ideal for prospects doing a technical evaluation near end of the sales funnel. Chocolate: A problem/solution zooms out to show an industry-wide problem…

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10 ways to be a good SME

This article from guest contributor Janice King offers a new perspective on how to create high-quality marketing materials by putting together a subject matter expert and a writer. Keep these tips in mind if you provide subject knowledge or share a writer with the engineers and other experts in your company. Have you ever been a SME? As…

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To gate or not to gate?

That is the question, for anyone involved in content marketing today. So what’s the best answer? As you know, “gated content” is a white paper, special report, or any other content you give to a site visitor after they complete a registration form. We’ve all filled in those forms. But do they work?   A dirty little secret of…

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"Cheat sheets" for white papers: a new format for you?

As a B2B marketer, you’re likely under pressure to empower your sales team with great content. Are your sales reps asking for something “short” they can hand out at a meeting or e-mail to prospects?  Your reps may believe customers don’t want to read lengthy pieces and would prefer something shorter they can quickly skim. This…

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How to "clone" a white paper for multiple audiences

photo of three men wearing the same masks

Most white paper readers want content directed right to them. Fair enough. But what if you have two or three different audiences, in different roles or sectors? How can you engage them all? Sure, you can always write a separate white paper for each audience. But what if your company (or client) can’t afford that? Well,…

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