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How to get great reviews for your white paper

Every white paper gets reviews, often by numerous people. But these reviews aren’t always helpful. To gain an effective review, a white paper writer or sponsor sometimes needs to take reviewers by the hand and give them a little guidance. This article includes five tips, plus a reviewer’s checklist you can download and circulate to your…

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Get faster approvals from your B2B clients

This recent article on getting faster approvals from your B2B clients caught our eye. It’s an excellent follow-up to our recent post on 9 tips for how to be a great client, so we asked permission to republish it. Many corporate writers go crazy with what’s known as the “approval process.” A more accurate title might be the “disapproval process” where…

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Tell the truth! Show your white paper sources

photo of pile of documents with a sticky note saying DONE

When you finish a white paper, what’s next? If you’re like most writers, you send in your invoice, and then take the rest of the day off. But haven’t you forgotten something? What about sending your client all the sources you referenced in your white paper? How about backing up all those claims in your argument with…

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9 tips for how to be a great client

I’ve written for 120+ different companies now. That gives me enough experience to separate the sheep from the goats, the good from the bad. I’m always delighted to work with a good client again. And I’m happy to be done with the few I consider not-so-good. Here’s my list of 9 tips on how to be a great client for…

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How to hire a white paper writer

If you’re looking for a white paper writer, how do you find one? Don’t just rush to Google “white paper writer.” Instead, take a minute to consider three trade-offs to help zero in on the perfect writer for you. Are you looking more for one or the other of these three questions: Save time or…

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When NOT to use a white paper

I believe white papers are the most powerful form of content any B2B company can produce. But there are times when using a white paper may not be the best choice to reach an audience.  Whether you’re a white paper copywriter or a B2B marketer, remember that a white paper may not work well in any of these situations:…

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7 habits of highly effective white paper marketers

photo of red ocean at sunset to signify a crowded market for writers

One of my favorite self-help books is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. First published in 1989, it has sold an estimated 25 million copies in 38 languages. I still try to follow its guidelines in my own life. With apologies, I’ve applied the 7 habits to the act of marketing with highly…

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How to create a white paper mashup

vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream to represent the 3 flavours of white papers

What if you need a white paper that’s more than just one flavor? As you know, I believe there are three main “flavors” of white papers. Vanilla: A backgrounder zooms in on a certain product or service. Ideal for prospects doing a technical evaluation near end of the sales funnel. Chocolate: A problem/solution zooms out to show an industry-wide problem…

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10 ways to be a good SME

This article from guest contributor Janice King offers a new perspective on how to create high-quality marketing materials by putting together a subject matter expert and a writer. Keep these tips in mind if you provide subject knowledge or share a writer with the engineers and other experts in your company. Have you ever been a SME? As…

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