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White Paper Research

How to record white paper interviews

I always thought I took great notes. After all, I worked for years as a journalist. But the first time I recorded an interview, I was humbled: My notes were all over the place?! Oh, I would catch the speaker’s meaning. And no one ever accused me of misquoting them. But when I compared my notes with…

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Footnotes or endnotes in a white paper?

young white paper writer facing the choice between footnotes and endnotes

You gathered a ton of evidence for your white paper. Now how are you going to present it? You have three possible ways to provide a source in a white paper: a footnote at the bottom of the page an endnote at the end of the document a citation within the regular flow of the…

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Footnotes for white papers 101

Footnotes are an essential ingredient of a persuasive white paper. It’s not difficult to write down your views. It’s much harder to find compelling evidence to back up those views. Footnotes help your white paper convey more authority than a simple blog post or opinion piece. Footnotes help build your argument and prove that you…

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