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Tech writers, consider writing B2B content

Technical writing today is a sea of uncertainty. For tech writers fighting for jobs, it’s like trying to stay afloat in a turbulent sea. And there’s blood in the water, with too many fish fighting over too little food. That’s called a “red ocean.” How did tech writing get this way? All this uncertainty flows from a…

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To get clients, learn how to call a moose

“Where do you find clients?” I get the same question almost every week. But I don’t have a ready answer. That’s like asking a hunter where he got that moose he just bagged. What are you going to do? Run off to the very same spot in the woods, and expect to get another moose?…

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Writers: Five strategies for finding white paper clients

5 stepping stones in a blue lake

Are you a writer looking for white paper clients? Here are five high-level strategies for finding them when you’re just starting out.  Some of these efforts can take days or weeks to implement, but the payoff is worth it. Of course, you already know the three simple questions that show whether any company needs white papers. Right?…

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White paper samples

Some “experts” say there are eight, 10, even 40 different types of white papers?! That’s a lot to remember, and a lot to choose from when you want to publish a white paper. And I don’t think anyone needs that much complexity. Three main flavors, plus two mashups, cover 90% of all the white papers…

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How to record white paper interviews

I always thought I took great notes. After all, I worked for years as a journalist. But the first time I recorded an interview, I was humbled: My notes were all over the place?! Oh, I would catch the speaker’s meaning. And no one ever accused me of misquoting them. But when I compared my notes with…

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White papers versus blog posts

see saw showing white papers vs blog posts

Most people can tell the difference between a white paper and a blog post. For starters, one is longer and the other is shorter. For another, a blog post is another item on an existing blog, while a white paper is a standalone PDF you can download. Beyond that, a good white paper is based…

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