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UP YOUR GAME, with a
white paper done right!

Do you need to generate leads?

Nurture prospects through a complex sale?

Stand out in a crowd?

White papers can do that.

And a white paper can work harder and last longer than any other content you publish.

If you do it right.


The White Paper Blog

The latest articles, news and updates.

newspaper with headline saying Fake News

Who do you trust for a white paper source?

White paper writers often ask me, "What makes a good source?" Especially in an era...
search box on screen

How to evaluate white paper sources: 4 factors to consider

So you're writing a white paper... And it’s time to cite an expert, define a...
PROOF stamped on manilla envelope

Tips on white paper sources

When you search for white paper sources, any company can claim they’re the best. But...
diagram showing 3 factors to make a white paper succeed

How to make your white papers succeed

What does it take for a white paper to succeed? That question has been on...
smiley faces to signify white paper ratings: green orange red

How we analyzed 300 white papers

We recently reviewed all the white papers we worked on from 1997 to 2020. The...
white paper design spelled out in wooden letters

20 top tips for white paper designers

First time ever designing a white paper? You can make that a smash hit or...

B2B marketers: Let’s get to work!

Are you a marketing manager looking for an expert white paper writer?

You’ve come to the right place.

Gordon Graham is an award-winning copywriter who’s worked on 266 white papers for companies like Google, Hyperledger and Verizon… plus many smaller firms with big ideas.

Plus, he “wrote the book” on the subject, White Papers For Dummies, which earned dozens of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Gordon and his team will be happy to talk about your project with you.

And if Gordon is booked, or he doesn’t know your area, he can refer you to a trusted colleague who knows your field.

Either way, we won’t waste your time. Or your budget.

So when you want to talk about your next white paper, request a quote or e-mail

Writers: Get tips on writing white papers

You can find scores of articles on how to write a white paper plus a White Paper FAQ that answers dozens of the most common questions.

For more tips and tactics, subscribe to this site… or get Gordon's book, White Papers For Dummies.

And to learn how to make money writing the 12 most popular forms of B2B content, check out Gordon's Crash Course in B2B Content from the AWAI.

Happy writing!

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