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At That White Paper Guy, we get more leads than we can handle.

Many of these are tire-kickers.

But lots are serious B2B marketers looking for a writer to help them create a high-quality white paper.

They have a budget. They have a time-frame. They know they want a white paper because white papers work and all their competitors have them.

One writer can only do so much. White papers are big projects, much bigger than they appear. For clients, they can be an epic pain point.

Avengers Endgame movie poster

Big problems call for big solutions.

A truly great “white paper writer” goes beyond any single person trying to climb learning curve after learning curve in industry after industry.

Gordon did that for years and we feel this approach just isn’t sustainable.

These days, our solution is a little grander than a single “guy.”

Did Iron Man save the universe from Thanos all by himself?

No! When he needed some intel, he turned to Black Widow. When he needed to navigate the quantum realm, he had Ant Man. A cool-headed project manager who could talk to the powers that be? Nick Fury. A bunch of folks who really know their tech? Wakanda!

That’s where you come in.

We need help from writers who are eager for work, keen to learn, and ready to join a professional team.

Whether your superpower is digging deep for research, writing a careful draft, sketching a helpful graphic, or pulling it all together into a compelling white paper, we need your help.

How That White Paper Team Works

First of all, we’re not an agency. Would you call the Avengers an agency?

(OK. Sure. S.H.I.E.L.D is an agency but look at how that turned out.)

Our aim is to build teams with complementary strengths around each client project. Kind of like if the Avengers all worked in a newsroom.

In a well-run newsroom, everyone has a role that suits their capabilities:

  • Some people do research
  • Some people write copy
  • Some people edit copy
  • Some people do illustrations
  • Some people design pages

A managing editor handles all the assignments

And an editor-in-chief makes sure everything in the paper turns out as well as it possibly can.

That’s how we’re operating these days. Rather than working alone, we’re each pitching in according to our strengths to do more, faster, and better for our clients.

Who’s leading this team?

Angie Gallop, Managin Editor for That White Paper Guy


Our managing editor is Angie Gallop, a former journalist who has written for Canada’s largest newspapers, magazines, and countless smaller publications for 30 years.

She also taught writing and worked with creative arts groups for more than 15 years.

Angie coined our motto, “meaningful work for meaningful pay.”



That White Paper Guy Gordon Graham

Our editor-in-chief is Gordon Graham, That White Paper Guy himself, who has worked on close to 300 white papers in the past 20+ years and won many awards for his work.

Most recently, Gordon was named AWAI Copywriter of the Year for 2019.

We can help you at the start, in the middle, or at the end of any white paper project. Or at every step if that’s what you need.


Here’s what you need to join the team

Here’s a brief form you can use to tell us about yourself.

You’ll notice that beyond your contact info, we ask for four specific items:

  1. Your professional website or at least a strong LinkedIn profile.
  2. Your preferred specialties or niches, to a maximum of three.
  3. A 100-word bio that effectively sums up your experience, and answers the question all clients ask, “Why should I hire you for my white paper?”
  4. At least one sample white paper that you’re happy with, as a properly designed PDF. (Note: If you are an experienced white paper writer, send in three samples to show us your range.)

Why do we need all that?

Well, we need to evaluate your skills. And we need to present you to a client as a member of our team. These items are the minimum requirements to be able to do that.

1. Your professional website should tell us that you’re committed to B2B writing.

Some people do travel writing, nature photography, and fiction. That’s fine, but how do those things qualify you to write white papers for B2B clients? You tell us. Don’t make us read between the lines.

2. A clear statement of a niche means you’ve decided what you want to write about.

“I can write about anything!” doesn’t impress most B2B clients. And listing 12 specialities amounts to the same thing. Please be specific.

“Tech” is not a niche. “Blockchain software for supply chain” is much better.

Remember, we’re going to add you to our database. Then when we have a new client, we will look for writers in their niche.

3. A 100-word bio is long enough to sum up your experience, your attitude, and a personal detail or two. We figure you can sum up your career far better than we can.

When you agree to work on a project, we will send that client your bio. And this gives us a brief sample of your persuasive writing as well.

4. A proper-looking sample white paper gives us a longer sample of your writing, and something else we can send to a client.

We don’t want to see a plain Word file or a link to a Gdoc. We want a finished project that shows you understand either (a) how to design a white paper yourself or (b) how to work with a professional designer to create a finished document.

What if you don’t have any white paper samples?

Well, we can help you there. First off, you really should get Gordon’s book, White Papers For Dummies. It costs maybe $25 for a paper copy, less for an e-book version. It’s absolutely packed with tips and advice.

Second, you need a client who will take a risk on you. You may have to work for free, or for a cut rate. Don’t worry about it. Just get them to let you use their paper as a sample, and to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn and/or your website.

A third option is to take Gordon’s mastery course in white papers from the AWAI, coming in the fall of 2019. During that program, you will work with him step-by-step to create an actual white paper. There’s nothing else like it anywhere.

Having that first sample will open many doors… for example, you’ll be able to come back here and apply to join our team. Good luck!


An important note

We will ask you to suit up and put your name forward as part of our team—but only when we find a client who needs your skills.

We are not promising to be your superhero. We are not promising to boost your income to the stratosphere or deliver you a steady stream leads and clients. Rather, our focus is on finding the best people to meet each challenge our clients throw at us.

To succeed as a white paper writer, you must continue to sharpen your skills, build your own network, and do your own marketing.

There are a few organizations that do promise to help you build your writing business and boost your income. Here are four that we know of:

AWAI: We can’t say enough about everything this organization offers, and how caring they are with their members. Whether you want to learn how to write content or copy—or both—AWAI has something for you. We publish training programs with the AWAI and frequently attend their annual Bootcamp, which is more fun than a barrel of superheros! What a great community of writers!

Marketing Mentor: Ilise Benun has been our coach during the startup of That White Paper Team and Mastermind Group. She offers courses, small-group coaching, and one-on-one mentoring. She’s knowledgeable, wise, and patient.

The Writer’s Den: Some of our writers have filled up their client roster by following what they learned in this online community. The Writer’s Den even runs an ambitious double your income program.

B2B Launcher: Some of our white paper team members are also part of Ed Gandia’s program. He can help you choose your niche and get set up with a nicely focused website. Gordon’s white paper planning course was originally offered through B2B Launcher.

Please note that some of these are affiliate links, where we get a small commission if you click through and sign up. We only do that for things we believe in.


Join the team application form

  • PRIVACY POLICY: We will never disclose your contact information to anyone else without your permission.
  • Please be specific. "B2B tech" is not a specialty. "Enterprise software delivered as SaaS" is better. "Blockchain for supply chain" is better still.
    Please be honest.
    Please be honest. We ask you to write at least one white paper before joining our team.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf.
    You may attached up to 3 samples max, perhaps one for each of your specialties.
    Please check all that apply.