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20 top tips for white paper designers

white paper design spelled out in wooden letters

First time ever designing a white paper? You can make that a smash hit or a total flop.  It’s as simple as that. White paper readers don’t demand anything fancy. They just want a document that’s easy to scan, easy to read, and professional. If you give them that, they’ll likely scan it to pick…

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10 tips on writing from Alexander Green

Last fall I had the pleasure of attending the AWAI 2016 Bootcamp in southern Florida. What a fantastic event! What’s not to like about a meet-up of 450 writers in an ocean-side town that has October temperatures reaching almost 90 degrees? And what a powerful opening keynote by Alexander Green who provided many inspiring tips on writing.   If…

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9 tips for how to be a great client

I’ve written for 120+ different companies now. That gives me enough experience to separate the sheep from the goats, the good from the bad. I’m always delighted to work with a good client again. And I’m happy to be done with the few I consider not-so-good. Here’s my list of 9 tips on how to be a great client for…

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How to write a white paper as tips

Try Googling a phrase like “7 tips” and you’ll see at least 100 million hits?! Check out any newsstand and you’ll find “tips” on the cover of most magazines. Self-help books sell $2+ billion every year. And what is a self-help book, if not a series of tips? So why do “tips” rule newsstands, bookstores…

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5 tips on writing better bullets

photo of a row of bullets

Most white paper writers use bulleted lists to break up long chunks of text. But are your lists as effective as they could be? Here are five tips to help make every bullet count. Better bullets tip #1: Order bullets for quick scanning “Copywriters write numbered or bulleted lists in order of importance. The first…

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White Paper World, November 23, 2022

A newsletter for B2B writers and marketers keen to learn more about white papers Issue 13 • November 23, 2022 Fresh content: Tools of the trade, all in one place Quick tip: Don’t cross the red line Tools of the trade: Rate your headlines for originality and SEO What I’m thankful for: Great books! Just…

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White Paper FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When I first started writing white papers 25 years ago, I looked all over for a FAQ. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to write one myself.   Over the years, I’ve kept adding to it, until today when it covers 36 questions. This is undoubtedly the most detailed, most thorough FAQ on white papers…

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This Just In: NetLine 2022 State of B2B Content Consumption

Netline 2022 B2B Content Consumption report

Just out in April 2022, the sixth annual report from NetLine is a whopping 65 pages. As you may know, NetLine is a B2B IT content syndication service owned by Informa PLC. Based in London, Informa is a sprawling company that runs publications, sponsors events, and does research. The same company now owns the Content…

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Tools of the trade

hand tools on wooden table

We all need tools, and writers are no exception. Here’s a roundup of all the cool tools of the writing trade mentioned in White Paper World so far. I’ve tried all these and each one earns a solid two thumbs-up from me. And I use most of these tools on every white paper I write.…

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Recommended books on white papers (and everything else)

my bookself 9-nov-2022

Here are the books I highly recommend for any B2B writer or marketer. My favorite books have given me so much: A quick reference as I worked Wise guidance on thorny issues of style or form A shot of inspiration when I needed it most I keep all these titles within easy reach on my bookshelves. And I…

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