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3 keys from a keyboard that makes for better writing

Quick Tip: 3 keys to better writing

Are you struggling to achieve a crisp, business-like writing style?

Here are three keys to better writing.

They’re all right there on your keyboard, and using them is free.

Delete key

Delete key
: Cut unnecessary words


And replace longer words with shorter words.

Here’s one trick for doing that.

Whenever you see similar terms joined with “and” or “or,” pick the stronger and drop the weaker. For example:

  • “verbose or run-on sentences” = “run-on sentences”
  • “humid and muggy afternoons” = “muggy afternoons”
  • “stern and authoritarian leadership” = “stern leadership”

Now re-examine the third bullet above. Notice how “stern” has one syllable, while “authoritarian” has five.

As long as it conveys more-or-less the same idea, pick the word with fewer syllables.

Period key
Period key
: Break longer sentences in two


Q: How long is too long for a sentence?

A: Any sentence you can’t read out loud without taking another breath.

Think of each period as a pause for you to take a breath. If you haven’t seen a period for a while, you need one.

Another simple trick is to stick to one thought per sentence.

If you notice a second thought trying to sneak in, stop it in its tracks with a period.

Enter key
key: Break longer paragraphs in two


Q: How long is too long for a paragraph?

A: Any chunk of text so long your eyes want to skip it.

Remember, 90% of white papers are scanned on the screen.

B2B prospects don’t savor every word like they’re reading a Jane Austen novel.

They skim, scan, and skip their way down the screen. Don’t you?

To sum up

Use fewer words. Use shorter words. Use shorter sentences. And use shorter paragraphs.

Decades of research show these three keys add up to easier reading.


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About Gordon Graham

Worked on 300+ white papers for clients from Silicon Valley to Switzerland, on everything from choosing enterprise software to designing virtual worlds for kids, for clients from tiny startups to 3M, Google, and Verizon. Wrote White Papers for Dummies which earned 50+ 5-star ratings on Amazon. Won 16 awards from the Society for Technical Communication. And named AWAI 2019 Copywriter of the Year.

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