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Quick tip: Use AI for tech support

Quick tip: Use AI for tech support


Or some new gadget you’re trying to figure out?

I know I do.

But any writer working from a home office doesn’t have any IT team to call.

When we need tech support, we’re often stuck. We can try:

  • Combing through online help for unhelpful answers
  • Searching Google to see if anyone else has the same problem
  • Watching 10-minute videos on YouTube that may not answer our question
  • Waiting for tech support or online chat

All these can be time-consuming and frustrating. But here’s a new twist.

Next time you’re stuck with a tech problem, give AI a try. It’s awesome.

And so what if it’s wrong once in a while? So are the people answering tech support calls.

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AI serves up good answers to tech questions

I recently asked ChatGPT for help with three different software issues.

All three times, the AI helped solve my problem quickly.

Here’s the first prompt I used:

You are a seasoned accounting expert with in-depth knowledge of Quickbooks Online. I’d like your help with a problem.

I am trying to enter an expense and I keep getting this error message:

Something’s not quite right. Unexpected problem: -1

I’m using Safari v17.1 on a recent iMac with 16 Gigs of RAM.

I already cleared my browser cache. What else can I try to solve this problem and get back to work?

ChatGT instantly came back with a well-structured list of seven things to try.

I tried the first suggestion: Refresh the page.

Who woulda thunk it? It worked?!

A few days later, I used AI to answer a question on Camtasia video software. It gave a good answer in five seconds.

And third, ChatGPT patiently guided me to set up a shared drive for confidential records—a problem that had stumped a GeekSquad technician on an all-day house call.

That’s three out of three problems solved in minutes.

So next time you need help with some tech problem, try AI. It’s awesome.


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