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Marketers: To get more from your white papers, repurpose

So you’ve hired a B2B copywriter to create a white paper for your firm. How can you get more from your investment? Simple: Repurpose your white paper into multiple formats. Having essentially the same material available in different formats gives your company more “kicks at the can.” In other words, more chances to engage prospects.…

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Moving from copywriter to B2B content writer

Have you ever worked as a copywriter? Then, as a copywriter, you understand more about marketing than writers from any other career path. And you’ve probably got some wonderful skills. So why not cash in on the biggest writing boom in years: B2B content? What is B2B content? As you know, B2B content includes blog posts, case…

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Moving from journalist to B2B content writer

Have you ever worked as a journalist? Then you’ve got what it takes to move into the lucrative field of B2B content writing. After all, you know how to write fast and tell a compelling story to your audience. Your interview skills are top-notch. And, you’ve likely scanned through mountains of reports to find the perfect nugget for a story.…

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Moving from tech writer to B2B writer

Have you ever worked as a tech writer? Then you’ve likely seen B2B content like white papers and slide decks. You may even have written some yourself. You already know how to write precisely and explain how things work. So why not take advantage of the biggest boom in writing that’s come along in years? It’s…

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Journalists, consider writing B2B content

image of sharp jumping out of water to bite

Journalism today is a classic “red ocean.” That means too many fish and not enough food. There’s blood in the water from all that competition, and all those kills. How did it get that way? According to this article in The Atlantic, U.S. print advertisers spent $45 billion in 2003. Ten years later, they spent only $19 billion.…

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Copywriters, consider writing B2B content

Sailboat in an ocean of blood

Are you a copywriter having trouble finding enough high-paying work? You may be looking in the wrong place. In some markets, competition is so fierce you can feel like you’re fighting with sharks for scraps. A pack of hungry writers circle and pounce on every project, bidding low and promising the impossible. Get out of the red…

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Tech writers, consider writing B2B content

Technical writing today is a sea of uncertainty. For tech writers fighting for jobs, it’s like trying to stay afloat in a turbulent sea. And there’s blood in the water, with too many fish fighting over too little food. That’s called a “red ocean.” How did tech writing get this way? All this uncertainty flows from a…

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