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infographic on 3 flavors of white papers from White Papers For Dummies

The best of That White Paper Guy

Looking for tips and tricks on white papers?

Let’s review some of the free resources available from That White Paper Guy. 

An infographic, an FAQ about white papers, recommended books, close to 100 easy-to-search articles, our LinkedIn group, and even a crash course in writing B2B content — we’ve got plenty for you to explore.

Download our white paper infographic

infographic on white papersOne of our most popular pieces is this unique infographic.

It’s a four-page PDF packed with tips on the three main flavors of white papers, when to use each one, and the recommended contents for each flavor.

It’s a useful resource that you’ll find yourself looking at again and again as you work on white papers. Even Gordon still uses it as a quick reference.

FAQ on white papers

The FAQ is the most popular page on our site, covering 30 of the most common questions we get about white papers.

You can find answers on everything from “what is a white paper?” to “where are white papers going in the future?” and all the basics in between.


cover of White Papers for Dummies

White Papers for Dummies

Whether you’re a B2B marketing manager or a copywriter, White Papers for Dummies offers a wealth of information.

It’s the go-to book for anyone even considering writing white papers.

Author Gordon Graham—That White Paper Guy—gives you practical, step-by-step advice on planning, creating, and promoting effective white papers.

It’s been called “a must-read” and “absolutely the finest book of its kind.” See more reviews here.

Get your own copy, either print or e-book, here.

Books by other experts

Gordon has a short list of hand-picked books he recommends for writers.

These books are the ones Gordon keeps on his own bookshelf: everything from Crafting White Paper 2.0 to the Yahoo! Style Guide.

You can find those recommendations here. Click on each book title to read the mini-review.

Close to 100 articles on white papers

Our site has scores of articles that can benefit you, whether you’re just starting to write white papers or want a refresher on what makes a great white paper.

And at the end of each article, you’ll find links to related articles.

There’s also several articles about writing case studies, including one about the differences between these two popular formats: White papers versus case studies.

Fast, flexible searching

With so many articles to look at, how can you find what you want?

Screenshot of That White Paper Guy search box


Fortunately, the site includes fast. flexible searching.

If you’re looking for a certain Category, use the pull-down menu to see all the articles in that category. These categories include:

  • Getting Started
  • White Paper Planning
  • White Paper Research
  • White Paper Writing Design
  • White Paper Promotions
  • White Paper Project Management
  • White Papers of the Future
  • Tips on Case Studies
  • Book Reviews
  • Writing B2B Content

For a more precise search, type any terms into the box labeled “Search this website… ” Even single-word searches will get you results.

Some selected articles

Since our site moved to WordPress (did you notice?) we’re updating our articles more than ever.

Here are some I’ve found to be especially helpful:

Our LinkedIn group on white papers

LinkedIn logo

Another resource I want to remind you about is our LinkedIn group, Get More From Your White Papers.

This is a members-only group, so you’ll need to ask to join.

Members have told us that this is the best LinkedIn group they belong to, with no spam, no off-topic threads, and no wasted time. It’s all about white papers, all the time.

There are now close to 500 members, so you’ll find lots of great advice, all focused on white papers.

And you’re welcome to post your own questions about anything to do with white papers.

Crash Course in B2B Content

Are you a beginner who needs more confidence doing B2B content? Or a seasoned copywriter keen to boost your income by delivering more value to clients?

Gordon created the Crash Course in B2B Content just for you. In a nutshell, this is an online, self-paced program that introduces the 12 most popular forms of B2B content, from blog posts to white papers.

You will come away knowing the basics of each type of B2B content, how much you can expect to earn, and some tips and tricks for writing each one. Click here for more details.

Taking it to the next level

As you can see, That White Paper Guy is all about taking your white papers to the next level. And we have lots of resources to help you get there.

So whether you’re working harder than ever, or taking a much-needed break during the summer, why not slot some time into your schedule for upgrading your skills.

You can start your learning right here.

What aspect of white papers do you struggle with the most? What resources do you find most helpful? Please leave us a comment below.

Want to hear whenever there’s a fresh article on this site? Subscribe here to stay in the know on long-form content. From time to time, we’ll also send you word about some great new resource or training. And you can unsubscribe any time.

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