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Did you already create a first draft?

But you're not sure if it's ready to publish?

We know, it's tough to get a white paper done right.

And most white paper writers won't touch someone else's draft. They want to start over from scratch, just like a programmer who won't touch anyone else's code.

Our team can handle revisions


That White Paper Guy Gordon Graham was a big-city newspaper editor with daily deadlines to get pages done.

Later he edited a software industry newsletter for years, working with many different writers and sources.

He's smoothed out white papers patched together from dozens of contributors, making them sound smooth and consistent.

He's even edited science textbooks and business plans that raised millions of dollars.

Managing Editor Angie Gallop loves working with writers to improve their work. She has edited many projects for clients, and headed up the TAs who review white papers from our training sessions.

As well, Angie has encouraged writers for 10+ years by running a literary festival and a creative writing group.

So our team knows how to evaluate and improve someone else's draft. We can tear out and rebuild what needs work, and polish up what's already solid.

What we can do to improve a white paper

Our Wow! revision service starts with a deep analysis of your white paper draft. We create a detailed report on its strengths and weaknesses, and offer our best thinking on how to improve it.

Then we give you a fixed-fee quote on what we would charge to implement all our recommendations.

These often include items like this:

  • Suggest a more dynamic title
  • Add an executive summary at the start
  • Add a powerful call to action at the end
  • Support your assertions with added research
  • Make the text more crisp, clear and compelling
  • Eliminate any useless buzzwords or hype
  • Improve the readability, with measurable results
  • Provide professional-quality graphics, if needed
  • Provide attractive page design, if needed

Best of all, you will save time and get better results than if you tried to do all this yourself.

And your white paper can get busy generating leads, building buzz and delivering sales.

To hear more about how this works, check out the following case studies.

Case study: officemorph, office reno planner

cover of officemorph white paper


officemorph was a unique firm in San Francisco that helped companies manage their office renovations.

Principal Adam Felson had drafted a white paper. But he wanted to get a professional review before publishing it.

Adam had an excellent numbered list that covered 13 problems. But it was packed with so many tips, it ran 6,000+ words: too long for busy people.


We suggested an edit to save words and make the text easier to read. We streamlined the introduction, found more sources, and wrote pull-quotes to help the designer break up the text.

These revisions achieved big gains in readability

  • Trimmed 1,300 words without losing key ideas
  • Improved the Reading Ease from 50 to 60 (higher is better)
  • Dropped the Grade Level from 11.3 to 8.6 (lower is better)

"Really great work on this!" said Adam. "I just wanted to say that you are incredible at what you do."

Company Operations Director Ali Platto added, "I am drop-jawed, this is so fantastic."

Next we turned to my go-to designer, Oliver Sutherns, for the page design. Oliver found some great photos. He used the dark red of the company's logo for subheads and flourishes.

And he created wonderfully airy, easy-to-scan pages.

Finally, we wrote the landing page for the website.

Thanks to a very professional and motivated client, this project was smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.

And it paid off, too.

Adam won new business, generated some great press, and put together a breakfast event with a panel discussion—all thanks to  his top-quality white paper.


Case study: Rick Maurer, change consultant

Rick Maurer

Rick Maurer is a seasoned advisor to executives leading change and a published author.

He wanted a white paper based on the new edition of his book, Beyond the Wall of Resistance.

Rick already had a first draft packed with great ideas.

Now he was looking for help to finish it up.

We suggested a light edit, more graphics, an engaging page design done in Word, and an effective call-to-action.


Rick gave us the go-ahead... and was delighted with the results.

"It would be hard to overstate the quality of Gordon's work, and how easy it is to work with him," says Rick.

"He made sure he understood the audience I was trying to reach, and targeted all our revisions directly to that group.

"The first person I showed the final white paper to said, 'Wow!' I made a great choice working with him."

To get results like this...

If you need to transform a rough draft into a polished white paper that gets Wows! from prospects, we can help.

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