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Angie Gallop

Are you looking for a crisp case study?

Or a white paper that clearly explains what your company does?

I’m an experienced journalist who can help tell your company’s story.

I’ve written for Canada’s top newspapers, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

photo of Angie GallopAnd I’ve interviewed people from many different backgrounds: from WWF wrestlers to Olympic gold medalists, from homeless squatters to business icons like Jack Stack and Jay Conrad Levinson.

I’ve contributed to several books and taught English-as-a-second-language to students from around the world.

Plus, I’m studying fiction techniques and working on a collection of short stories.

All these experiences will help me find your company’s story, and tell it clearly.

Based near Sault Ste-Marie, Ontario—right across from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—I hold a BA in Journalism from Carelton University in Ottawa.


I’m excited to do “brand journalism” for innovative companies that are making a positive contribution to the world.

Some samples of my work

Over the years, I’ve written for associations, pro sports, NGOs and tech companies.

Here are some of my recent samples for clients in B2B technology.

You can click on any thumbnail to download that document.



This white paper describes a new labeling system for sustainable palm oil.

Palm oil is found in many popular products, from snack foods to cosmetics.

But it’s often grown in a way that contributes to deforestation, orangutan deaths, and global heating.

This new label is designed to help product makers find more eco-friendly sources for palm oil.





cover of white paper for eGroup


This white paper provides numerous tips and best practices on creating a BYOD policy for mobile devices.

“Really enjoyed working with you,” said Rich Young from eGroup.

“And the final product is stellar. Imagine we’ll be working together very soon!”






cover of case study for Allinea


I wrote numerous case studies and press releases for Allinea Software from the UK (now nVidia).

Allinea’s debugger is the number #1 tool for C++, C, Fortran parallel and threaded applications, which is now installed on many of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

This case study describes how Allinea’s debugger helped researchers use what was then the fastest supercomputer in the world at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.




cover of case study for Allinea


This case study describes how Allinea’s DDT debugger helps one of the world’s largest supercomputers devoted to climate research, DKRZ in Germany.








cover of press release for Allinea


This press release explains how Allinea’s software helps the COSMOS consortium founded by Stephen Hawking run smoothly.