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White Paper Project Management

5 things you must know about translating white papers

book and laptop with many flags to symbolize translation

  Do you ever prepare a white paper for readers who use a different language? Here are five important things to take into account whenever you need a white paper translated to another language. #1: Machine translation is unacceptable Why not just have your white paper translated by Google Translate or Microsoft Translator? These are…

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White papers and… the polar vortex?!

photo of Niagara Falls frozen by polar vortex

If you live in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest or Canada, you probably experienced a tough winter. Snow fell like crazy and the temperatures plummeted. Cars didn’t start, flights and trains were cancelled, meetings were postponed. Even mail wasn’t delivered in some places. Niagara Falls froze over, as shown above. That’s rare. And some notable…

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12 steps to great white paper project management

A white paper project is a complex undertaking, with many moving parts. Here is a 12-step program, of sorts, for effective white paper project management. We’ve learned all these lessons through painful experiences with white papers that went off the rails. A few were never even completed, despite my best efforts. So consider these best…

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How to get great reviews for your white paper

Every white paper gets reviews, often by numerous people. But these reviews aren’t always helpful. To gain an effective review, a white paper writer or sponsor sometimes needs to take reviewers by the hand and give them a little guidance. This article includes five tips, plus a reviewer’s checklist you can download and circulate to your…

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18 must-do’s to promote a white paper

So you wrote a white paper. Now what? Now it’s time to get it in front of your target readers. That means promotions. There are many ways to promote a white paper; in fact, my book White Papers For Dummies includes a list of 40 possible promotions. But not every tactic works for every audience. So here’s…

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Get faster approvals from your B2B clients

This recent article on getting faster approvals from your B2B clients caught our eye. It’s an excellent follow-up to our recent post on 9 tips for how to be a great client, so we asked permission to republish it. Many corporate writers go crazy with what’s known as the “approval process.” A more accurate title might be the “disapproval process” where…

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Tell the truth! Show your white paper sources

photo of pile of documents with a sticky note saying DONE

When you finish a white paper, what’s next? If you’re like most writers, you send in your invoice, and then take the rest of the day off. But haven’t you forgotten something? What about sending your client all the sources you referenced in your white paper? How about backing up all those claims in your argument with…

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9 tips for how to be a great client

I’ve written for 120+ different companies now. That gives me enough experience to separate the sheep from the goats, the good from the bad. I’m always delighted to work with a good client again. And I’m happy to be done with the few I consider not-so-good. Here’s my list of 9 tips on how to be a great client for…

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