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I’ve been writing content for companies for many years… and won 15 awards for it.

But awards don’t mean anything unless my clients are getting results.

Here’s a small sampling of what some clients say about working with me.

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Defining blockchain terms for any industry…

white paper Hyperledger Performance and Scale cover

How would you like to define blockchain terms like “node” and “transaction” for any industry? This white paper does that.

“The working group spent over a year discussing the content. You quickly took the document written by at least six different contributors and turned into a cohesive document with a singular voice.

“I think that everyone in the working group was completely blown away by the look and feel and polish you added to the final document.

“Thanks again for the great job. I look forward to future collaborations.”

Mark Wagner, Chair, Hyperledger Performance & Scale Working Group

Explaining a new way to insert non-intrusive ads into video games…

Vreo white paper cover

This blockchain startup will bring together advertisers, game developers, and gamers in a new ecosystem that rewards everyone.

This 70-page paper covers everything from the market opportunity to the team behind the concept, from the technology to the upcoming ICO.

This white paper is not available as it’s not yet published.

I revised and reorganized the draft, added more research, and polished up the text to improve the clarity.

“Gordon has massive experience writing white papers, and he did a tremendous job on ours…”

Andreas Schemm, co-founder and CEO, Vreo in Germany

Helping an office renovation firm prove their expertise…

white paper cover for officemorph

The founder had created a good first draft. But at 6,000+ words, it was too long.

I revised the draft, cut words to boost readability, and oversaw the design.

The finished document got strong results: The company won new business, generated some great press, and put together a breakfast event with a panel discussion—all due to the top quality of this paper.

“Really great work on this. I just wanted to say that you are incredible at what you do.” — Adam Felson, principal, officemorph in San Francisco

“I am drop-jawed, this is so fantastic.” — Ali Platto, Operations Director

Giving Google’s take on a big change in online advertising…

cover of white paper for Google

Real-time bidding was a strange new technology for many people in interactive advertising.

This paper traced its history, impact, and benefits for marketers based on numerous interviews.

“Our industry moves very rapidly, and it took a lot of research to create this 18-page white paper.

“The final paper was a big hit with our clients!

“It was a pleasure working with you, and I’m sure we’ll be doing more.”

— Sally Cole, Marketing Manager, Google in New York

Solving how to convert 3D designs to 2D patterns…

cover of white paper for Exact Flat

It’s tough to translate a 3D design into a 2D cutting shape for things like car seats or office chairs. This software solves that problem.

I created two white papers to cover both prospects and channel partners.

“Our software eliminates many steps in the product design workflow, and we wanted to illustrate these benefits in a compelling way.

“Customers are finding this white paper incredibly helpful. Thank you for helping us pull this together. You did a tremendous job.”

— Matthew Smith, Marketing Director, ExactFlat in Toronto

Showing CIOs how to strengthen their supply chains…

Cover of Kinaxis white paper

Click to view PDF

Over the years, I worked on a dozen white papers for this supply-chain add-on to ERP systems like Oracle and SAP.

This one focused on the cost-benefits of this SaaS product.

“We’re determined to talk about issues that matter to our audience.

“The white papers you wrote are clear, concise and compelling.

“They’re a quick and easy read, perfect for a busy professional. Thanks for your help.”

— Lori Smith, Director of Marketing Communications, Kinaxis in Ottawa

Revealing why insurers need better analytics…

cover of white paper for Health Plus technologies

I interviewed the company founder and did deep research into the U.S. healthcare system to create this highly technical numbered list. The client loved it.

“Gordon, I can’t tell you how well you captured this subject.

“You really put together a great argument, with just the right flavor for a C-level exec!

“You’ve done a great job. Thank you.”

— Gary Nissen, President, Health Plus Technologies in Kettering, OH

Describing best practices in online course evaluations…

cover of white paper for eXplorance

I wrote numerous white papers and case studies for this company over 10 years.

Here’s one I wrote and designed using Word alone.

“This paper turned out just great; exactly like I was hoping it would.

“I can hardly believe this is only our first round.

“Thank you for such a great white paper, I can’t wait to publish it!”

— Samer Saab, President, eXplorance in Montreal

Exploring 7 factors that keep kids coming back to a virtual world…

cover of white paper for InterFuel

Click to view PDF

I wrote several white papers for this studio that designs virtual worlds and websites for kids and tweens.

“Our first white paper turned out bigger and better than we ever expected. And working with you was a breeze.

“You understood what we were trying to achieve… and helped us to achieve it with a thoroughly professional white paper.”

 David Holifield, President, interFUEL interactive in Ventura, CA

Showing why local retailers must market to new residents…

cover of white paper for Moving Targets

To create this paper, I did extensive research and read several books.

This paper was online for 7 years and downloaded 5,000+ times.

“We’ve had nothing but positive response to this white paper. It’s the strongest marketing piece we have.

“We love the way you tracked down hard-to-find research, and developed charts to tell the story at a glance. Let’s keep in touch.”

— Jay Siff, CEO, Moving Targets in Perkaskie, PA

Explaining a unique way to debug software…

cover of white paper for Aprobe

Click to view PDF

This company had a new way to debug software that was tough to explain. With a colleague, I created a white paper and three mini-case studies to tell their story.

“I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with this white paper.

“I know it was a difficult one, but you did a spectacular job… taking very technical info and delivering it in an easy-to-understand way.

“Thanks again: it was a real pleasure working with you.”

— Judy SchrammJMR Consulting in Alexandria, VA

Spelling out the benefits of a printer-fleet network appliance…

cover of white paper for Multi-Laser

In a one-day site visit, I gathered everything I needed to write a white paper, two brochures, and a press release.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results! It was like you’d been sitting with us for a whole year, instead of just one day.

“You grasped exactly the message we wanted to send. Everything you did is solid and bang-on!”

— Laura Kittner, Marketing Manager, Multi-Laser Solutions in Brockville, ON

Editing a dozen white papers and articles on machine vision…

cover of white paper for Coreco

Click to view PDF

I was called in when this company realized their content was all over the map, and should be pulled together into a better package.

“Refreshing our website, we realized many pieces written by technical people needed polishing.

“Thanks for handling the job with speed and precision. You tightened up the copy and hit your estimates right on.”

— Kirk Petersen, Director, Marketing & Communications for Coreco Imaging (now Dalsa) in Montreal

A simple handbook that helped outsell much larger competitors…

cover of white paper for Connectware

I created this handbook to describe the benefits of bar coding in a clear and simple way.

It featured a conversation between two executives walking through the Acme Tricycle Works plant. This handbook got fantastic results, including this quote from the head of our industry association:

“This is a must-read for companies failing to get the most out of their ERP system.

“It gets right to the heart of explaining how bar code technology can help companies get or maintain a competitive edge.”

— Larry Roberts, President, AIM USA trade association

Explaining the need for middleware with Oracle Applications…

cover of white paper for Oracle

This is one of the first white paper I ever worked on, more than 20 years ago. It was so visual that today we would call it an e-book.

“Gordon worked on this white paper in 1997 as our VP Marketing.

“It got results and saved our sales force a lot of time.

“Gordon was our secret weapon for creating marketing materials that got results.”

— Normand Pigeon, President, Connectware in Montreal

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