White Papers of the Future

The most influential white paper in history

Bitcoin white paper on sunburst

What would you say was the most successful white paper ever written? Hint: It turned 10 years old in October 2018. Need another hint? This paper proposed a whole new architecture for distributed databases. One last hint: This paper was the starting point for the world’s most successful cryptocurrency. If you said “the Bitcoin white…

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6 reasons why video will never replace white papers

Surveys show that about 7 out of 10 B2B vendors use white papers. This number has stayed at the same level for the last 10 years. Clearly, white papers work. But even though I write white papers, I don’t claim that every last B2B company in the world should use them. There are some companies that just…

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Why you should include video in your next white paper

There is a good reason to include video in your next white paper. Your white paper reader is changing. Today’s decision-makers are pressed for time and attention. Like all of us, they’re distracted by social media, e-mail, workday interruptions, and way too much content coming their way. They also face meetings, reports to write, decisions to make. The result is…

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"Cheat sheets" for white papers: a new format for you?

As a B2B marketer, you’re likely under pressure to empower your sales team with great content. Are your sales reps asking for something “short” they can hand out at a meeting or e-mail to prospects?  Your reps may believe customers don’t want to read lengthy pieces and would prefer something shorter they can quickly skim. This…

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Video and slide-share white papers: Do they work?

A colleague and I recently put together a talk on white papers done as videos and slide shows. Apryl Parcher is a white paper writer and social media expert from WhitePaperResults.com. Apryl and I wanted to respond to the new formats for white papers we’ve seen cropping up, especially videos and slide shows. We present a few…

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For white papers, size does matter

A client recently asked me to write some “mini-white papers.” Against my better judgement, I decided to try. I agreed to write 10 mini-white papers of 2-3 pages each on an array of topics for a technology vendor. That’s less than half the length I normally write. “Nobody reads long things any more,” I was…

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