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Tips on Case Studies

Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Have you ever interviewed a someone who says they have “no metrics” for your case study? Perhaps your source never had to justify their purchase, so they didn’t keep any formal metrics. That means they have no numbers to show how much your offering helped with their business problems… and no numbers you can use in…

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Infographic: How to write a killer case study

We recently came across a cool infographic on case studies from B2B copywriter Sandra Jean-Louis. It sums up so many great tips that we asked Sandra if she’d be willing to share it here.  Few types of marketing collateral can compete with customer case studies That’s because they use storytelling to relate the customer’s experience; they…

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Why are case studies so powerful?

Case studies, customer stories, application articles, success stories… Whatever you call them, an extended testimonial is probably the most powerful marketing piece any software firm can produce. But what makes case studies so powerful? “Dollar-for-dollar, case studies are the best marketing investment a company can make,” says seasoned case study writer Steve Slaunwhite. “I recommend…

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How many case studies are "enough"?

Marketing people often wonder how many case studies their company should publish. How many case studies are really “enough?” The correct answer, of course, is “that depends”.  In any case, don’t expect one or two stories to do the job; plan to create fresh stories continuously. Here are some tips on how to plan out…

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How to write a case study for beta software

A client once asked for a customer story on some software just going into beta. I was a little stumped… since that product could take 12 months to generate a ROI. But as one crusty old newspaper editor used to say to any reporter chasing a story: “The paper can’t print excuses!” I didn’t want to…

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How to get the best bang from your case study buck

Everyone loves case studies. But how do you create a really great case study? Then how do you squeeze every drop of value out of it? We put these questions to two seasoned case study writers: Steve Slaunwhite and Casey Hibbard. They generously shared 15 pragmatic tips on how to plan, write and publish case studies for maximum…

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How to get customers to agree to a case study

How do you find the right customers for a case study, and then secure their approvals? How do you write compelling stories? And repurpose them for maximum ROI? If you’re wondering about any of these questions, an excellent book by seasoned writer Casey Hibbard will set you straight. Hibbard spells out a step-by-step plan for turning…

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Case studies: the 7 biggest blunders

photo of business man going "duh"

Why do some case studies work so well, while others don’t? Why are some so dazzling, while others are dull as dishwater? Over many years of writing and reading case studies, I’ve noticed several blunders that writers often make. You can take your next customer story from feeble to forceful by fixing these top seven…

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How to use a case study inside a white paper

In a recent presentation on white papers, expert Jonathan Kantor suggested using a case study inside a white paper. I thought, “Wow, what a great technique!” Then I realized I’ve been doing the case-study-inside-a-white-paper trick for years already. Here are two examples that show how I’ve included case studies as proof points inside white papers. Example #1:…

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White papers versus case studies

seesaw with white paper vs case study

Many people are not clear on the differences between white papers and case studies. But B2B copywriters and marketers must understand when to use each one. After many years, I’ve come to the conclusion that white papers and case studies are the two most powerful, most convincing, and most cost-effective marketing materials that any B2B vendor…

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