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That White Paper Guy’s list of recommended books on writing white papers (and everything else)

Writers buy a lot of books.

That makes sense, right?

My favorite books on copywriting, content marketing, and B2B marketing have taught me a lot.

They’re a quick reference while I work. And they give me a shot of inspiration when I need one.

I keep all the titles listed below on my bookshelves within easy reach. I’ve included an Amazon link to every book where you can click to find out more or buy that item.

Yes, I get a few pennies per book from those affiliate links. I use that trickle of credit to buy more books!

I’ve written reviews of a few of my favorites, and the links to those reviews are given below as well.

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Happy reading!

B2B Content

B2B Marketing

  • Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore.
    The seminal work on how to avoid getting stuck in the vast chasm between startup and Main Street. Updated in 2014.
  • No Time Marketing by Alyssa S. Dver.
    A great little guide that makes planning your small biz marketing quick and painless. Click here for my review.
  • The Marketing Gurus by Chris Murray.
    Quick summaries of 17 classic marketing books. There’s something for everyone here. And what a time-saver, compared to reading 17 books!
  • The Marketing Playbook by John Zagula and Richard Tong.
    These guys worked at Microsoft, back in the day, and they have some very sharp suggestions on how to go to market.
  • Marketing Warfare by Al Ries.
    An absolute classic that taught me the four basic types of marketing campaigns: offensive, defensive, flanking (my fav!) and guerilla. Mainly about B2C, but totally applicable to B2B.

Personal Effectiveness

Style Guides

White Papers

Winning Presentations

  • Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson.
    Brilliant advice on how to create lovely slide decks that keep people awake. Tip: Use one (relevant) photo and one heading per slide. Then assemble your slides as a 3-act story.
  • The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint by Edward R. Tufte.
    I had to include this, the most classy anti-PowerPoint rant ever. A powerful diatribe that sent me searching for the other titles on how to do better slide decks.
  • How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff.
    A great little book that all marketers should read. And all designers, too. Example: Here’s how NOT to resize infographics if you want them to stay accurate.
  • Marketer’s Visual Tool Kit by Terry Richey.
    Out of print, but if you can find one, get it. Lots of great ideas for graphics here.
  • Presenting to Win by Jerry Weissman.
    You get 4 bullets per slide and 4 words per bullet. That’s it, that’s all. From a former TV producer turned PowerPoint drill-master to the stars of Silicon Valley roadshows.

Writing as a Business

  • The Everything Guide To Writing Copy by Steve Slaunwhite.
    A personal friend, Steve put together an excellent guide to the business of writing copy, filled with lots of tips and tricks.
  • The Wealthy Freelancer by Steve Slaunwhite, Pete Savage, and Ed Gandia.
    I recommend this book to every freelancer I know. Tons of pragmatic advice on how to launch or pump up a freelance business. Got your buzz piece ready yet?
  • The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman.
    Another friend and colleague. My copy has post-its, dog ears, and highlighter throughout… the sure sign of a useful read.

About my own book, White Papers For Dummies

I recently had the pleasure to write a book about white papers myself. I tried to pack in everything I learned in 15 years working on these challenging documents.

copy of the book White Papers for Dummies

And I’m delighted that White Papers for Dummies
has been very well-received by the copywriting community.

It continues to earn 5-star ratings on Amazon.

It’s available in print and as an e-book for all the most popular e-readers. (I like having an e-book version, so I can quickly search through the whole text.)

And for about $20, most people say it’s a great deal.

Whether you’re a marketing manager seeking to use white papers to promote your company, or a copywriter looking to break into this well-paying field, White Papers for Dummies
offers tons of practical, step-by-step advice on how to plan, create, and promote great white papers.

Why not give it a peek?

Do you have any favorite books on copywriting, B2B marketing, or successful freelancing you’d like to recommend? Please leave your Comments below.

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About Gordon Graham

Worked on 300 white papers on everything from choosing enterprise software to designing virtual worlds for kids, for clients from Silicon Valley to Switzerland, from household names like Google and Verizon to tiny startups with big ideas. Wrote White Papers for Dummies which earned more than 50 5-star ratings on Amazon. And named 2019 Copywriter of the Year by AWAI, the world's leading training organization for professional copywriters.

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