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Business woman claims to be honest yet sees poor business results

Issue 44: July 11, 2024

Quick tip: When a promotion works, do more of it

This just in: Don’t tell me you’re honest

I told you so: B2B prospects are distracted

Book Giveaway Extended: What’s your fav science fiction book?


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Dr Evil and Mini-Me

Issue 43: June 27, 2024

Quick tip: Use AI to make a Mini-Me

This just in: AI took their jobs. Now they get paid to make it sound human

What I’m reading: The Three-Body Problem

June Book Giveaway: Tell me your favorite SF book

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mop on floor to signify losing sales to competitor

Issue 42: June 14, 2024

Quick tip: Use AI for tech support

Big idea: How to de-position the competition
[includes case studies]

Just for fun: All the papers of the rainbow


Listen to the whole issue in 18:30 minutes:


two people playing pickleball

Issue 41: May 9, 2024

Quick tip: Get to the point

Fresh content: White papers and… pickleball?!

Book Winner: Alison Bell Ashley

Just for fun: How to catch a big wave


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Two placards reading Shun the TIONs and Excise the IZEs

Issue 40: April 25, 2024

Shun the TIONs: Part deux

Guest tip: Excise the IZEs!

Great book: The Elements of Technical Writing

This just in: Netline 2024 report on B2B content

Book Giveaway Extended: I want more bad advice!


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sneaky speaker using lots of TIONs

Issue 39: April 12, 2024

Quick tip: Shun the TIONs!

Still Relevant: My 2014 interview in Huffington Post [with samples]

This just in: Outdated advice on white papers

April Book Contest: Send me some outdated advice


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steel vs marshmallows

Issue 38: March 22, 2024

Quick tip: Here’s how to handle LSD

Fresh content: White papers and… the Greek gods?!

March book winner: Erica Vega

Marketing Warfare and the fabulous flanking campaign

Remembering John Gallop

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bride in white wedding dress holding red roses

Issue 37: February 16, 2024

Listen up: Now there’s audio!

Quick tip: 3 steps to a stronger title [with example]

This just in: 6 out of 10 B2B marketers use white papers, again

Help with your next white paper: Get a blueprint!



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Woman sitting alone with stat on 1 suicide every 40 seconds

Issue 36: February 1, 2024

Quick tip: Don’t say “once every X seconds…”

Great book: How to Lie with Statistics

February Book Giveaway: Send me a shoddy statistic!

Must go: AI for Writers Summit on March 6

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closeup on emerald on miner's finger
Issue 35: January 12, 2024

This just in: Plain language rules, even in healthcare

Quick tip: To find the gem, wash away the muck

Big idea: Let’s get rid of the sales funnel in 2024

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junior associate with ChatGPT logo for head


Issue 34: December 14, 2023

This just in: The biggest opportunity for white papers in 2024!

Quick tips: 6 easy hacks for ChatGPT [with sample prompts]

Bonus tip: A great roundup of AI chatbots

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Man cooking up shoddy statistics on laptop

Issue 33: November 30, 2024

Quick Tip: Don’t use shoddy stats

This just in: 2 great GPTs for writers

December book giveaway:
Tell me about a good book for B2B writers

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microwave vs conventional oven

Issue 32: November 15, 2023

Quick tip: Don’t start your next white paper like this

Guest post: AI is like a microwave oven

New course: How to use AI to write white papers

November Book Giveaway: What’s your best hack for ChatGPT?

half-donut of AI survey results

Issue 31: October 26, 2023

This just in: Results of my AI survey for writers

Tools of the trade: How I used AI for this report

Quick tip: 5 tricks to avoid spooking prospects


lasagna by DALL-E
100-pixel square shim for graphics

Issue 30: October 12, 2023

Quick tip: Cook up your titles like lasagna

Rant: AI stole my book!

September Book Winner: Donna Batchelor



business woman checking her quotes

Issue 29: September 28, 2023

This just in: My latest white paper

Quick tip: Check quotes with your sources

September Book Giveaway: Spot the goofs in my white paper

What I’m reading: Percy Jackson!


three writers walk into a bar DALL-E 2

Graphic from DALL-E 2 with this prompt:
Three writers walk into a bar, noir atmosphere,
late afternoon golden sunshine

Issue 28: September 14, 2023

This just in: My latest article on AI for writers

Quick tip: Do your own interviews

Pet peeve: Tweets pasted in articles

AI survey book giveaway: Another winner!

Big Idea: AI should pay residuals


Google + poop icon


Issue 27: August 24, 2023

Quick tip: Build your own list of sources

This just in: AI is enshittifying the web!

AI survey book giveaway: Another winner!

Deadline: Take the AI survey before it closes

Don’t miss checklist: 12 ways to humanize your content


do footnotes the Chicago way

Issue 26: July 27, 2023

AI survey book giveaway: We have another winner!

Quick tip: Do footnotes the Chicago way

Checklist: 12 things writers can do that AI can’t


photo of server interior with three callouts

Issue 25: July 12, 2023

AI survey book giveaway: We have another winner!

Quick tip: Just flip it!

This just in: Best practices for prompting AI

More from me: New interview, new podcast



Issue 24: June 22, 2023

AI Survey Big Book Giveaway: We have a winner!

Quick tip: Format for the screen, not the page

Fresh content: White papers and… home-brewed beer?!


Issue 23: June 8, 2023

three book giveaway


June Book Giveaway: Take the AI survey,
get career advice, win a book!

Quick tip: Using multiple calls-to-action

This just in: Survey of corporate AI usage

Johnny Cash "Hurt" screenshot

Issue 22: May 18, 2023

Fresh content: YouTube episodes on my AI white paper

This just in: 2023 report on B2B content from NetLine

What I’m listening to: “Hurt” by Johnny Cash

Big Book Giveaway next issue

Issue 21: May 4, 2023

Quick tip: Help for sore hands

Tools of the trade: Vertical mice

Fresh content: Responsible AI

Rest in peace, Dad


3 so everyone flatlines


Issue 20: April 14, 2023

This just in: AI for Writers Summit Highlights

Fresh worry: AI may “flatline” all human skills

Quick tip: Stop charging by the hour!

You asked: Why so much on AI?


with AI do a numbered list

Issue 19: March 23, 2023

Quick tip: With AI, write a numbered list

This just in: My new paper for Linux Foundation

Tools of the trade: Erasable pens

March Book Giveaway: Tell me about Q1



Issue 18: March 9, 2023

Fresh: Can ChatGPT write a white paper? See for yourself!

Download this groundbreaking white paper written entirely by ChatGPT, with an Afterword on the experience by me, That White Paper Guy

This just in: AI for Content Marketing Blueprint

Free event: AI for Writers Summit March 30

February Book Winner: See the best joke from ChatGPT


event horizon of a black hole

Issue 17: February 24, 2023

Special edition all about ChatGPT

Fresh content: What ChatGPT says about white papers

Updated: Will AI replace white paper writers?

Quick Tip: Start playing with ChatGPT, now

Just for fun: ChatGPT writes a joke


Harry Potter and Ron in the flying car

Issue 16: February 9, 2023

Fresh content: White papers and… Harry Potter?!

Quick Tip: Read a draft to your reviewers

New service: Get a review… from those White Paper Review guys!

January book winner

6 out of 10 marketers use white papers, 2014 through 2023


Issue 15: January 19, 2023

Quick tip: Don’t start your research with Google

This just in: White paper use up again

Tools of the trade: Passion Planner

January Book Giveaway: Your 2023 career resolutions


Santa Claus reading letters from children


Issue 14: December 2022

Fresh content: White papers and… letters to Santa?!

Quick tip: My favorite way to polish a draft

Holiday shopping: Just a little time left

November book winner

What I’m listening to: Huron Carol, with a little history


hand tools on wooden table

Issue 13: November 23, 2022

Fresh content: Tools of the trade

Quick tip: Don’t cross the red line

Tools of the trade: Rate your headlines for originality and SEO

What I’m thankful for: Great books!

November Book Giveaway


great numbered list from Robert Reich in The Guardian

Issue 12: November 10, 2022

Fresh content: Let’s deconstruct a numbered list

Quick tip: Case studies and white papers

Holiday shopping:  Writers love books!

Just for fun: October book winner


Halloween pumpkin on chair on porch

Issue 11: October 27, 2022

Classic content: White papers and… Halloween?!

Quick tip: Don’t ask dumb questions

This just in: Where do you find clients, again?

October book giveaway: Writers, level up your marketing!


goldilocks not too big not too small

Issue 10: October 12, 2022

Fresh content: Fix a draft that’s too long or too short

Quick tip: Pick your idea the way Goldilocks does

Just for fun: September Book Contest winner




Issue 9: September 28, 2022

Quick tip: Push your listicles to the top

Fresh content: 5 reasons why writers should learn about rhetoric

What I’m readingFarnsworth’s Classical English Rhetoric

September Book Giveaway: Name that device!


Issue 8: September 14, 2022

four white paper covers

Fresh content: A tale of four white papers [with SAMPLES]

Quick Tip: Three keys to better writing

Tools of the trade: One place for all your word research

Just for fun: My favorite joke

photo of bulldog licking an ice cream cone

Issue 7: August 2022

Fresh content: New episode of The White Paper Review

This just in: How to write an exceptional white paper from CMI

Quick tip: Teach, don’t preach

What I’m reading: White Papers For Dummies?!

Just for fun: Beat the dog days of summer


Hounds and jackals game board from ancient Egypt

Issue 6: July 2022

Fresh content: White papers and… backgammon?!

Quick tip: My secret weapon for “writing” white papers

What I’m reading: Another fine book by Bob Bly

Just for fun: Amaaazing dinosaurs





Issue 5: June 23, 2022

This just in: 2022 AWAI White Paper Spec Challenge Winner

Quick tip: On your white paper cover, show pictures of people

Design corner: Do you like my new font?

Just for fun: 4 Wordle clones



blueberry pie fresh out of oven


Issue 4: June 2, 2022

Fresh content: How is creating a white paper like baking a blueberry pie?

Quick tip: Don’t make your readers do this!

This just in: A new metaphor for mashups?


May 2022: No issue this month

I spent the month wrapping up the latest session of the AWAI White Paper Mastery and Certification training, reworking my website, and celebrating my birthday. From now on, this free newsletter White Paper World will come to you twice a month, always packed with tips and insights on what’s new in long-form content.

Issue 3: April 2022

Google hits on "white papers" 2002 2012 2022

Fresh content: Updated White Paper FAQ

This just in: NetLine’s 2022 State of B2B Content Consumption

This just in: 20 years of Googling “white papers”

Tools of the trade: An app to test white paper ideas

Great fails in readability: Covid test product insert

What I’m watching: Travelers

Issue 2: March 2022

AI ad for Burger King

Fresh content: So you have to write a white paper…

Quick tip: Name white papers right

The White Paper Review: New episodes up

This just in: For 10 years, 6 out of 10 marketers used white papers

Tools of the trade: A new product helps you write white papers

What I’m reading: The Apollo Murders

Just for fun: AI writes a commercial?

Issue 1: February 2022

The White Paper Review YouTube show title

Fresh content: How is writing a white paper like renovating a bathroom?!

Quick tip: Move up your Executive Summary

Tools of the trade: White Paper Mastery program 2022

White Paper Review: New show launched on YouTube

Just for fun: What writer-sign are you?