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White Paper World back issues

Here’s where you can find all the back issues of the White Paper World newsletter.

July 5, 2022

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June 23, 2022


  • This just in: 2022 AWAI White Paper Spec Challenge Winner
  • Quick tip: On your white paper cover, show pictures of people
  • Design corner: Do you like my new font?
  • Just for fun: 4 Wordle clones and 2 suggestions


June 2, 2022

blueberry pie fresh out of oven

  • Fresh content: How is creating a white paper like baking a blueberry pie?
  • Quick tip: Don’t make your readers do this!
  • This just in: A new metaphor for mashups?


May 2022

Update: I spent the month wrapping up the latest session of the AWAI White Paper Mastery and Certification training program, reworking my website, and celebrating my birthday.

Moving forward, this newsletter now has an official name and a new publication schedule.

White Paper World will be coming to you twice a month with tips and insights on what’s new in white papers and long-form content.
If you have any questions about writing or marketing white papers, reach out to me at gordon AT

April 2022

Google hits on "white papers" 2002 2012 2022

  • Fresh content: Check out the updated White Paper FAQ
  • This just in: NetLine’s 2022 State of B2B Content Consumption
  • This just in 2: 20 years of Googling “white papers”
  • Tools of the trade: An app to test white paper ideas
  • Great fails in readability: Covid test product insert
  • What I’m watching: Travelers on Netflix


March 2022

AI ad for Burger King

  • Fresh content: So you have to write a white paper…
  • Quick tip: Name your white papers right
  • The White Paper Review: New episodes up
  • This just in: For 10 years running, 6 out of 10 marketers used white papers
  • Tools of the trade: A new product helps you write white papers
  • What I’m reading: The Apollo Murders
  • Just for fun: AI writes a commercial?


February 2022

The White Paper Review YouTube show title

  • Fresh content: How is writing a white paper like renovating a bathroom?!
  • Quick tip: Move up your Executive Summary
  • Tools of the trade: White Paper Mastery program 2022
  • White Paper Review: New show launched on YouTube
  • Just for fun: What writer-sign are you?