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What’s a good topic for a white paper?

I get that question a lot. One good answer is, “anything that’s hot right now.” And that hot topic should refer to something that’s relatively new, relatively complex, and relatively expensive.  This rule explains why in 2017-2018 I heard from four eight 13 16 24 58 prospects launching new cryptocurrencies, something like Bitcoin. What made cryptocurrencies…

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Tools of the trade

hand tools on wooden table

We all need tools, and writers are no exception. Here’s a roundup of all the cool tools of the writing trade mentioned in White Paper World so far. I’ve tried all these and each one earns a solid two thumbs-up from me. And I use most of these tools on every white paper I write.…

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Quick Tip: Stop charging by the hour!

yellow alarm clock on piles of US dollars

Whatever you think about AI, it’s fast. And cheap.  ChatGPT-4 can write a blog post faster than you can dictate the words. And it can revise and rewrite just as fast. For pennies. With no complaints. So if you’re a writer or agency still charging clients by the hour, you can’t compete with your old-fashioned…

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How to choose an AI writing product

AI writing tools from Mike Kaput at AI for Writers Summit March 2023

There’s a ton of AI writing products out there, with more added every week. How can you possibly pick the right one? Well, here are some thoughts.  At the AI for Writers Summit at the end of March 2023, Mike Kaput from Marketing AI Institute presented a list of writing tools. He briefly summed up…

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Jokes told by ChatGPT

robot telling jokes

ChatGPT and other AIs are very weak at humor. They can’t tell a joke to save their electrons. So I decided to start a page to accumulate jokes told by AI. That way, all of us humans can look at them and groan and feel superior. Sound good? To contribute a joke to this page, click…

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White paper writer tip #1: Stop selling

Sleazy salesperson with three silly claims

You must avoid the #1 problem with this format: Too much selling The solution is simple: Stop writing sales pitches and calling them white papers. Sponsors, recognize the danger of inserting a sales pitch into a white paper. Stop pressuring your writers to include them. Stop shooting yourself in the foot! What’s the problem with selling?…

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White papers and… letters to Santa?!

Santa Claus reading letters from children

Do you know anyone writing a letter to Santa? I always urge my kids to write one early in December. And that got me wondering: Is a ‘Dear Santa’ letter anything like a white paper? In the spirit of the holidays, here’s a lighthearted look at the similarities between the two… with tips on white…

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A great example of a numbered list

great numbered list from Robert Reich in The Guardian

I recently came across an excellent example of a numbered list. You know, strawberry? It was a political column published in, of all places, The Guardian online newspaper. It’s clearly not a white paper. For one thing, it’s only 700 words long. And it’s an opinion piece in a newspaper, not a piece of B2B…

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