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6 tools to help organize your white paper research

I often say that a white paper writer should “think like a lawyer.” That means building a mountain of research to back up your case. A lawyer needs to keep all the evidence at their fingertips, so they can pluck out exactly the right piece as they argue. That can spell the difference between winning and losing…

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That Messy Office Contest 2016 Results

Well, the deadline has passed. How did you do on your office cleanup? I did fabulously well, if I do say so myself.  You be the judge. Below is my messy office before the cleanup (click image for a larger panorama).   And below here is my tidy office after (click image for a larger panorama). Notice any difference?  …

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How to organize and declutter your office

So what if you have a messy, unorganized desk? When someone hires you to do a project, you get it done. On deadline. And your client never thinks about the state of your office. Why would they care? Or would they? Creativity or conventional thinking? Working at a messy desk can help you think more creatively and…

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That White Paper Guy’s messy office

photo of messy files

I’ve always had trouble keeping my office neat. As a kid, I never wanted to put away my toys. There was always something more interesting to do. And now that I’m busy working for clients, I prefer to start working on a fresh deliverable instead of cleaning up after the last project. The result? My office sometimes looks like a…

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That Messy Office Contest 2016

Do you find it tough to keep your office tidy? What if we challenged you to clean it up by Labor Day for the chance to win some cool prizes? If you can top my messy office shown above, you’re a real contender. This is an actual photo of my office at its worst just over…

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