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How can I help with your next white paper?

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Whether you’re a B2B marketer or a content writer, you can benefit from my experience. I’ve learned a lot, working on white papers for clients all over the world. Now you can get my help with your next project… avoid all the common pitfalls… and publish a white paper that gets results.  My unique services…

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20 top tips for white paper designers

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First time ever designing a white paper? You can make that a smash hit or a total flop.  It’s as simple as that. White paper readers don’t demand anything fancy. They just want a document that’s easy to scan, easy to read, and professional. If you give them that, they’ll likely scan it to pick…

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11 ways to grab attention with a white paper

What are some tips and tricks for grabbing a reader’s attention with a white paper? I recently answered that question on Quora.  There are many things you can do to help get a white paper noticed, ranging from the cover to the structure to how you write the content. Here’s a more detailed answer, expanded…

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Worst. White. Paper. Ever.

While researching white papers over the past 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of dreck. Analyzing all those poor examples helped me identify what I call the “worst practices” of these documents. And I’m amazed to report—more than six years since I first encountered it—that one white paper is still the worst I’ve ever seen. Click the cover to…

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Why you should include video in your next white paper

There is a good reason to include video in your next white paper. Your white paper reader is changing. Today’s decision-makers are pressed for time and attention. Like all of us, they’re distracted by social media, e-mail, workday interruptions, and way too much content coming their way. They also face meetings, reports to write, decisions to make. The result is…

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Tips on using stock photos in white papers

Want to use a photo to spice up a white paper? But not sure where to find one, or how to use it? The best source for stock photos remains This site hosts close to 10 million photos, plus graphics, music and video clips. Most of this content is royalty-free, meaning you can buy a photo and use it…

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