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Writing B2B Content

8 reasons to hire a white paper writer who knows your industry

Some say that the best white paper writers are generalists who can write about any topic under the sun. They’ll tell you they can sift through what’s important and what’s not and then explain things in a reader-friendly way. That White Paper Guy (Gordon Graham) is a generalist who has written on dozens of topics.…

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Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Have you ever interviewed a someone who says they have “no metrics” for your case study? Perhaps your source never had to justify their purchase, so they didn’t keep any formal metrics. That means they have no numbers to show how much your offering helped with their business problems… and no numbers you can use in…

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10 tips on writing bo-o-oring content

Photo of young business person falling asleep during boring slideshow

This guest post from B2B copywriter Steve Maurer turns the normal advice we hear about writing content on its head. We got a good chuckle out of this and we hope you do too. You work in an interesting industry. And you have an amazing product. If other companies buy it, they’ll get a great…

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The #1 mistake B2B copywriters make

What’s the #1 mistake B2B copywriters make? How can they avoid this mistake or fix it? We asked eight accomplished copywriters these questions.  Here’s what they told us. Mistake #1: Not learning the craft “A common mistake? Hanging out their shingles too soon,” says Gordon Graham, also known as That White Paper Guy. “Lots of beginners…

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The #1 mistake B2B content marketers make

What’s the #1 mistake that B2B content marketers make? We put this question to our expert panel of B2B content consultants. Here’s what they told us. Tip #1: Use sales copy to promote content Steve Slaunwhite is a marketing consultant and veteran B2B copywriter who’s written many books about writing and marketing. He says the #1 mistake B2B content…

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Copywriting vs content writing

Here’s a question I got recently: Is copywriting any different from content writing? That’s a great question. Here’s my answer, some lively comments, and an update I posted after thinking about this some more. I was fortunate to learn my craft while writing for traditional magazines. From 1985 to today, I’ve written close to 1,000 magazine…

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White papers and… George Carlin?

George Carlin is the last person you’d expect to have anything to say about white papers. The trail-blazing American comic was better known for his profane and cutting social criticism.  But I’ve discovered a strong link between one of the comic’s lifelong preoccupations and B2B content writing. Who was George Carlin? Any Baby Boomer likely…

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A look back at 2015 | That White Paper Guy

We covered a lot this year in our quest to help you create compelling white papers. To give you a quick review, we’re highlighting the best of the bunch. ____________________________________________ That White Paper Guy’s website We’ve been sharing articles every two weeks on our website, We’ve found you love to see real-world examples from our portfolio, and you love…

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