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White papers and… making your own beer?!

At first glance, white papers and home brewing don’t have much in common. But there are some surprising similarities. To start, consider the clear, sparkling style of a well-written white paper. Doesn’t that remind you of the crisp, refreshing taste of an ice-cold beer? Beyond that, here are five more parallels between creating a white…

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White papers and… the Greek gods?!

Zeus the king of the ancient Greek gods

In ancient Greece, tales of the gods served to inspire, caution, and educate mortals. Today these legends can guide us to create white papers that ascend to the heights of Mount Olympus. Here are five tips on how these timeless gods and goddesses can inspire us to create more effective long-form content. 3.5 minute read.…

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White papers and… Harry Potter?!

Harry Potter and Ron in the flying car

Who here loves Harry Potter? Ask that just about anywhere, and a lot of hands will go up. These days, a new generation of fans is being introduced to the stories by the original fans, their parents.  Last year, my family went to see the phenomenal stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Toronto.…

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White papers and… letters to Santa?!

Santa Claus reading letters from children

Do you know anyone writing a letter to Santa? I always urge my kids to write one early in December. And that got me wondering: Is a ‘Dear Santa’ letter anything like a white paper? In the spirit of the holidays, here’s a lighthearted look at the similarities between the two… with tips on white…

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White papers and… backgammon?!

backgammon board and white paper

Yes, playing backgammon is a lot like doing a white paper.  If you don’t know what backgammon is, see the intro below. If you already know the history of backgammon, skip down to “6 similarities between backgammon and white papers.”    Intro: What is backgammon? Backgammon is an ancient game that dates back at least…

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White papers and… baking a blueberry pie?!

blueberry pie with white paper

Believe it or not, creating a great white paper is a lot like making a blueberry pie. Think about all the significant items you need to make a scrumptious pie. It all begins with a good recipe, so you know what to put in (and what to leave out), in all the right proportions. Then…

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White papers and… George Carlin?

George Carlin was the last person you’d expect to have anything to say about white papers. The trail-blazing American comic was better known for his profane and cutting social criticism.  But I’ve discovered a strong link between one of the comic’s lifelong preoccupations and B2B content writing. Who was George Carlin? Any Baby Boomer likely…

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White papers and… the polar vortex?!

photo of Niagara Falls frozen by polar vortex

If you live in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest or Canada, in 2018-19 you probably experienced a tough winter. Snow fell like crazy and the temperatures plummeted. Cars didn’t start, flights and trains were cancelled, meetings were postponed. Even mail wasn’t delivered in some places. Niagara Falls froze over, as shown above. That’s rare. And…

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White papers and… renovating a bathroom?!

Bathroom renovation mess

Have you ever renovated a bathroom? I’m not talking about a new shower curtain.  I’m talking about a rip-and-replace.  That means tearing out everything down to the studs, hacking out the old plumbing, ripping up the old wiring; redoing the ceiling, walls, and floor; replacing the vanity, tub, toilet…  And I’m in the middle of…

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White papers and… Halloween?!

Halloween and white papers

I was planting skulls in my flowerbed when a raven cawed behind me. Looking up, I surveyed my efforts. Cobwebs. Bats. Candles.   And it struck me like a thunderclap. Getting ready for Halloween is a lot like sponsoring a white paper. And kids dashing house to house looking for goodies are a lot like…

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