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About That White Paper Guy

Hi, I’m Gordon Graham aka That White Paper Guy.

Gordon Graham, That White Paper Guy

I’m an award-winning writer who worked on hundreds of B2B white papers.

I’ve written for household names like 3M, Epson, Google, and Verizon… plus many smaller companies with big ideas.

I got my start in journalism, writing for print newspapers and magazines.

I also wrote dozens of technical manuals and edited non-fiction textbooks.

And when the web was very young, I glimpsed something exciting. So I  jumped in, doing my first website in 1987.

Here’s my story in brief. 


My work credentials

  • Worked on 320 white papers since 1997
  • Wrote scores of case studies for companies including Google and Intuit
  • Did 1,000 magazine articles for everyone from accountants to woodworkers
  • Edited the leading newsletter for software executives,
  • Wrote dozens of technical manuals on software and hardware
  • Taught technical and marketing writing at two universities
  • Gave 100+ workshops and webinars on professional writing
  • Delivered in-house training to firms like Cisco, Ericsson, and Sprint

My awards and accolades

  • Called “the world’s top white paper expert” by B2B expert Steve Slaunwhite
  • Called “the reigning guru of white papers” by author Peter Bowerman
  • White Papers For Dummies earned 60+ 5-star reviews on Amazon
  • Won 14 awards from the Society for Technical Communication (STC)
  • Named AWAI 2019 Copywriter of the Year

My journey from startup to acquisition

Unlike most writers, I know first-hand the pressures of being a B2B marketing manager.

I served as VP Marketing for a successful software startup; in three years, I helped grow revenues from $250,000 to $14 million.

Using white papers helped us “eat the lunch” of much larger competitors.

Then I helped write the business plan and make the slide deck we used to sell the company at a good valuation.

Not many writers have been through that whole cycle from startup to acquisition.

My passion for excellence

With all the noise in the market, it’s not good enough for a white paper to be “okay.”

To get noticed, your white paper has to be great.

But most white papers are not nearly as engaging or persuasive as they could be. I think that’s a shame.

For 25 years, I’ve helped B2B companies turn that around.

I’ve done research, written a stream of articles, published the leading book on the subject, and made scores of presentations to creative professionals on how to make white papers better.

My fresh challenge

These days, I’m moving on to a fresh challenge: Building tools, templates, and training to package my knowledge.

And I’m always thinking of how to work with today’s AI to create white papers faster and easier than ever. 

I’m still doing white paper planning and revising drafts where I can quickly add a lot of value.

If you think I can help with your project, e-mail me at Gordon at

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Let’s keep on making great white papers!


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