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Will AI replace white paper writers?

young man with robotic hand writing in notebook

Have you heard that artificial intelligence (AI) can now do creative projects? Various AI systems are now busy composing music, making paintings, and writing poetry. And there are so many AI content-writing tools available, people need best-of lists to help tell them apart. So isn’t it just a matter of time before AI replaces white…

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White paper writer tip #4: Think visually

To create an effective white paper today, text alone doesn’t cut it. Every white paper writer must be able to imagine powerful graphics to help tell their client’s story.  Why? Because white papers are getting brighter, bolder, and more colorful. Great pictures and graphics are a must-have. For best results, you must learn how to dream up images that communicate your key points at a…

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The White Paper Review: Catch all the episodes here!

The White Paper Review YouTube show title

The YouTube show that asks the burning question: Is this white paper any good? Presented by two writers who care intensely about the white paper format: seasoned content writer Brian Boys + Gordon Graham, That White Paper Guy.  Every episode, we look at one white paper we think has a lot to offer, and another…

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That White Paper Guy News, February 2022

Hope you’re healthy and happy and energized for 2022! This e-newsletter brings you all the tips and cool ideas on white papers I’ve come across lately. In this issue: New article: White papers and… renovating a bathroom?! Quick tip: Move up your executive summary White Paper Mastery 2022—limited-time enrollment YouTube show launched: The White Paper…

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White papers and… renovating a bathroom?!

Bathroom renovation mess

Have you ever renovated a bathroom? I’m not talking about a new shower curtain.  I’m talking about a rip-and-replace.  That means tearing out everything down to the studs, hacking out the old plumbing, ripping up the old wiring; redoing the ceiling, walls, and floor; replacing the vanity, tub, toilet…  And I’m in the middle of…

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Will chatbots replace white papers?

chatbot on smartphone against cityscape

You’ve seen them. You’ve used them. Chatbots are everywhere now. And a whole new industry is springing up to write, code, and integrate chatbots into websites. That means loads of opportunities for writers who learn this new format. Nick Usborne, a co-founder of marketing agency Chatbot Forge, is a pioneer in this field who points…

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White papers and… Halloween?!

Halloween and white papers

I was planting skulls in my flowerbed when a raven cawed behind me. Looking up, I surveyed my efforts. Cobwebs. Bats. Candles.   And it struck me like a thunderclap. Getting ready for Halloween is a lot like sponsoring a white paper. And kids dashing house to house looking for goodies are a lot like…

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8 tips for tech writers keen to write white papers

technical writer keen to write white papers

Can technical writers do white papers? If you’re like most tech writers, you’ve watched from the sidelines as your company publishes white papers. Perhaps you’ve been asked to review a white paper or two. So why can’t you write white papers yourself? The truth is, you can. Technical writing makes an excellent background for doing…

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