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Podcast: White Paper World

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Business woman claims to be honest yet sees poor business resultsIssue 42: July 11, 2024

Quick tip: When a promo works, do more of it

This just in: Don’t tell me you’re honest

I told you so: B2B prospects are distracted

Link to the white paper discussed:

Book Giveaway Extended: What’s your fav science fiction book?

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Dr Evil and Mini-Me

Issue 43: June 27, 2024

Quick tip: Use AI to make a Mini-Me

This just in: AI took their jobs. Now they get paid to make it sound human

What I’m reading: The Three-Body Problem

June Book Giveaway: Tell me your favorite SF book

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mop on floor to signify losing sales to competitor

Issue 42: June 14, 2024

Quick tip: Use AI for tech support

Big idea: How to de-position the competition
[includes case studies]

Just for fun: All the papers of the rainbow


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two people playing pickleball

Issue 41: May 9, 2024

Quick tip: Get to the point

Fresh content: White papers and… pickleball?!

April Book Winner: Alison Bell Ashley

Just for fun: How to catch a big wave

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Two placards reading Shun the TIONs and Excise the IZEs

Issue 40: April 25, 2024

  • Shun the TIONs: Part deux
  • Guest tip: Excise the IZEs!
  • Mini-review: The Elements of Technical Writing
  • This just in: Netline 2024 report on B2B content
  • Book Giveaway Extended: I want more bad advice!


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busy piece of art by Tim Robinson in New York Times

White Paper World 39: April 12, 2024

Quick tip: Shun the “tions!”

Still relevant: My 2014 interview in Huffington Post [with samples]

Still irrelevant: Some poor advice on white papers

April Book Giveaway: Send me bad advice

A busy piece of art by Tim Robinson in the New York Times, far too jazzy for any white paper



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White Paper World 38: March 22, 2024

  • Quick tip: Here’s how to handle LSD
  • Fresh content: White papers and… the Greek gods?!
  • March book winner: Erica Vega
  • Marketing Warfare and the fabulous flanking campaign
  • Remembering John Gallop

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bride in white wedding dress holding red roses

White Paper World 37:
February 16, 2024

Quick tip: 3 steps to a stronger title [with example]

This just in: 6 out of 10 B2B marketers use white papers, again

Help with your next white paper: Get a blueprint!



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