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How much does a white paper cost?

Long after the bills are paid, an effective white paper will still be working hard for your business.

Consider everything that a good white paper can do:

  • Generate lots of high-quality leads
  • Create buzz around your product or service
  • Help land many sale$

That’s why hiring a seasoned pro to help with your white paper is a smart investment.

The biggest survey ever taken showed that it costs $5,000 to $7,000 to hire an experienced white paper writer.¹

And that was more than 10 years ago.

Sure, you can find a writer for less. But can you afford to gamble on a beginner?

Benefit from That White Paper Guy’s experience

Cover of book White Papers For Dummies

After working on 306 white papers since 1997, Gordon Graham knows how to plan, create, and market compelling white papers.

And he “wrote the book” on the subject, White Papers For Dummies, which earned more than 50 5-star reviews on Amazon.

People call Gordon “the reigning guru of white papers”² and “the top white paper expert in the world.”³

And in 2019 the world’s leading training organization for professional copywriters, AWAI, named him “Copywriter of the Year.”


You can’t find all that experience on places like Upwork!

And you can benefit from Gordon’s unique credentials by hiring That White Paper Guy to:

  • Develop a detailed plan for your white paper
  • Find a hand-picked writer who understands your industry
  • Guide our writer to dig up choice research
  • Coach your writer to spell out your argument in a professional draft
  • Polish your draft into compelling content that stands out from the noise
  • Advise you on white paper promotions

In all these ways, Gordon and his team can make sure your next white paper gets an amazing return on your investment.

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Hand of white paper writer planning a white paper

Planning a successful white paper

In most fields, from construction to software development, everything starts with a plan.

Over the years, we’ve realized that planning can make the difference between a white paper that works and one that flops.

So the first step to any successful white paper is drawing up a plan.


What you’ll get: A detailed plan, covering everything you need to give your white paper a solid foundation:

  • Your business goals(s)
  • Your target audience(s)
  • The perfect flavor, either a backgrounder, numbered list or problem/solution
  • The recommended call to action
  • Your target keywords and search terms
  • An official list of reviewers
  • Likely sources for further research
  • A high-level overview of the content
  • Recommended design guidelines
  • realistic schedule to complete the project
  • Our firm quote to complete the project

With your white paper plan in hand, you are free to hire Gordon, work with an experienced writer who knows your domain that we suggest, look for another writer who knows your industry, or use your in-house resources to create your white paper.

How long this will take: Expect 2 weeks turnaround from the time of our call until you get your finished plan.

How much you’ll invest: $975 payable in advance before we start

And for your peace of mind: Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every aspect of your work.

To discuss planning your next white paper, click here.

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woman using keyboard and notebook

Creating a compelling white paper

You need a compelling white paper that gets results. And you can get it from That White Paper Guy.

You’ll benefit from our step-by-step process for creating an outstanding white paper.

You’ll gain from the insights we learned doing white papers for clients like Google, Epson, and Verizon… plus many smaller firms with big ideas.

Best of all, you’ll see how two heads are better than one. We’ll find you a great writer with deep experience in your industry to complete your white paper with expert guidance from That White Paper Guy.

What you’ll get:

  • Draft Executive Summary for your comments
  • Top-quality text with tables, pull quotes, and footnotes
  • Business-quality graphics
  • Reviewer’s checklist to help keep your reviewers on track
  • Revisions to incorporate comments (generally 2)
  • Complete bundle of sources you can spot-check
  • Design tips for your designer OR
  • Design option available for an added fee
  • Promotion checklist of 18 must-do tactics to get the word out

How long this will take: A top-notch white paper typically takes 6-8 weeks from the initial planning call through two rounds of approvals. This timeline assumes that the turnaround for interviews, information requests, and comments is reasonably quick on your end.

What you’ll invest: Depends on complexity, research, and deadline. Generally $6,000 to $8,000 plus $975 for planning. Payable 1/3 payable, 1/3 on delivery of your first draft, 1/3 on delivery of your final draft

And for your peace of mind: Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every aspect of our work.

To tell us about your white paper, click here.

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Revising your draft white paper

So you drafted a white paper, but you’re not happy with it yet?

Most white paper writers won’t touch someone else’s draft.

But we’ve helped many clients finish their draft white papers.

We start by analyzing what’s there and then suggest many ways to make it stronger.

What you’ll get: A multi-page report that includes:

  • Our first impressions as a typical reader
  • How many of the 12 top problems we found
  • A readability analysis
  • Our best recommendations for boosting your paper’s effectiveness
  • Our firm quote for finishing your white paper

With this analysis in hand, you are free to hire us, look for another writer, or use in-house resources to finish up your white paper.

How long this will take: Turnaround depends on how much work is required. We’ll let you know once we’ve seen your draft.

What you’ll invest: $750 for a White Paper Checkup, including a firm quote for implementing all our suggestions (generally $3,000 to $5,000)

Terms: Payable in advance before we start

And for your peace of mind: Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every aspect of our work.

To discuss revising your draft white paper, click here.


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1: White Paper Writer Industry Report, March 2007
2: Author Peter Bowerman, July 2013
3: American Writers and Artists Institute, May 2012