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white paper ? to ! with my help

Whether you're a B2B marketer or a content writer, you can benefit from my experience.

I've learned a lot, working on 320 white papers for clients all over the world.

Now you can get my help to engineer your next project for success...

avoid all the common pitfalls...

and publish a white paper that makes you proud

My unique services cover every step of your project...

all the way from finding a compelling topic to repurposing your finished paper to streeetch your budget.


yellow post-it with questions
Need help to get started?

Not sure what to write about?
• What to put in and what to leave out?
What to ask in your call-to-action?
How to promote your paper best?

Now you can get help, with a White Paper Plan.

For a fraction of your budget, you'll get a detailed blueprint that will help you head off problems and get better results.


Planning is a standard procedure in many fields like construction, manufacturing, and software. Why would you start a white paper without any plan?

In fact, my research shows 1 out of 6 white papers that are started are never finished. Don't let your project become a statistic!

Build your next white paper on a solid foundation, with a detailed and pragmatic plan.

And don't worry: This process won't eat up a lot of your time. One 60-minute Zoom and a few e-mails, and that's it. I'll have your plan back to you within two weeks, maybe less.

Find out more about getting a white paper plan.


Hands on keyboard
Need a white paper writer?

Already know what you want to say in your white paper?

Now need a writer to help you say it?

I know dozens of good writers. And I know which ones are earnest, professional, and easy to work with.

Just drop me an e-mail to tell me more about your project:

your sector
your audience
your overall topic

Send that to Gordon at thatwhitepaperguy dot com and I'll try to match you up with an experienced white paper writer who knows your space.

And if you like, I can stay in the background as a resource if you or your writer need to ask me anything along the way.


tools of a graphic designerDone your draft, need a designer?

After you work hard on the text, you want to make reading your white paper easy.

To stand out, your paper needs a great cover, professional typography, and memorable graphics.

I've worked with some of the best designers in the business.

So shoot a quick e-mail to Gordon at thatwhitepaperguy dot com to say you need a designer, and I'll get right back to you.

I can also help you publish your white paper right. I can quickly:

Proofread your final PDF to find any last-minute gremlins
Help insert metadata to boost your SEO
Create a powerful landing page to get more downloads
Suggest all the must-do promotions
Streeetch your budget by repurposing your paper in other formats


doctor with stethoscope

Have a draft you're not sure about?

Get a reality check with a White Paper Checkup... the first step in my Wow! Revision Service.

You get a multi-page report that covers everything from your cover to your endnotes.

Your report will be packed with recommendations on the content, design, graphics, logic, readability, research, and much more.

And I'll include a fixed-fee quote to do my suggested revisions.

Of course, you are free to use in-house resources or another writer/editor to revise your draft.

Either way, you can breathe easy, knowing your white paper is ready.

Find out more about a white paper checkup and revision.


Get even more value from That White Paper Guy!

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Keep in touch: Get all the latest tips, insights, and special offers on long-form content!


See answers to many common questions on white papers.

Check out my recommended books and resources.

Explore 150+ articles on every aspect of white papers.


And good luck with your next white paper!