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Every minute spent planning saves 10 minutes on execution.

That's what time-management experts like Brian Tracy say.

For white papers, planning is even more critical.

Without an effective plan, your white paper has a poor chance of attracting leads, building recognition, or generating a strong ROI.

As a former marketing executive, now an award-winning copywriter, I've seen this too many times.

That's why our team starts every white paper with a detailed plan. Planning is so powerful, we've made it a required first step for all our clients.

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Engineer your white paper for success

To develop your white paper plan, we help you pull together all the stakeholders to discuss:

  • Your business goal(s) for the document
  • Your target audience(s)
  • How your paper fits into your sales cycle
  • Your SEO keywords to include
  • An official list of all reviewers
  • Research already on hand
  • Likely sources for further research
  • Any previous examples to follow or surpass
  • Who will do design and graphics
  • Your desired timelines
  • Your budget and payment terms

Then we deliver a multi-page strategic plan that spells out these details, along with our best recommendations and our firm quote for completing your project.

Discussing all this in advance—and getting a clear consensus from all your stakeholders—helps engineer your white paper for success.

Lay a foundation for better results

For only $975 our planning service gives you a rock-solid foundation for your next white paper.

Consider the many benefits.

You boost the odds of achieving your goals:

  • Generating juicy leads
  • Creating buzz
  • Closing more business

Plus, you dramatically lower the risk of embarrassment from releasing a document that reflects poorly on your firm.

And thanks to our years of experience, you avoid the common pitfalls and follow the best practices.

With your plan, we'll include our firm quote to create your finished white paper.

After that, the choice is yours. You can hire us, hire a trusted writer who knows your industry, or use your in-house resources to create your white paper.

Whatever your choice, your investment in planning will actually save you $$$ and guarantee better results.

Take the next step... today!

To find out more about our team, explore this site. You can see our experience or scan through our client list showing dozens of satisfied clients from Silicon Valley to Switzerland.

Then look at our samples and testimonials.

When you're ready to start planning your next white paper, tell us about your project or e-mail