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Plan before you write!

Every minute you spend planning saves 10 minutes doing.

And I think every minute you spend planning a white paper saves 20 minutes. Maybe 30.

Too many people jump in and start writing without knowing what they’re trying to achieve.

That leads to false starts, scrap and rework, conflict and stress, missed deadlines, and blown budgets.

Don’t let your project become a statistic.

Unless you invest a couple of days in planning, your white paper will have a poor chance of succeeding.

That means no leads generated, no recognition built, and no return on your investment.

That’s why I start every white paper with a plan.


Engineer your white paper for success

To develop your white paper plan, I pull together all the stakeholders for a 45-minute Zoom to discuss all these topics:

  • Your business goal(s) for the document
  • Your target audience(s)
  • How your paper fits into your sales cycle
  • The perfect flavor for your white paper
  • Some possible titles
  • The call to action at the end
  • An official list of all reviewers
  • Research already on hand
  • Likely sources for further research
  • Any previous examples to follow or surpass
  • Who will do design and graphics
  • Your desired timelines
  • An outline of the content to build on

When you get a consensus from all your stakeholders early on, that avoids many problems.

And I can do this fast since I’ve done it so many times.

After that, we will e-mail a few times. We may have a follow-up discussion for another hour.

But that won’t take much time or effort on your side.

Then I deliver a multi-page strategic plan that spells out all these details, and my recommended path to success.

I may even suggest the perfect writer who can expand your plan into a full white paper.

All this helps engineer your white paper for success.


For best results, build on a strong foundation

My planning service gives you a solid foundation for your next white paper.

Consider the many benefits.

You boost the odds of achieving your goals:

  • Generating juicy leads
  • Creating buzz for your offering
  • Closing more business

Plus, you eliminate the risk of releasing a document that reflects poorly on you and your firm.

And with my years of experience, I can help you avoid common pitfalls and follow best practices.

Take the next step… today!

My planning service costs only $975… a fraction of your white paper budget.

I think you’ll see how that small investment in planning will actually save you $$$ and guarantee better results.

This is such a low risk to both of us, I offer a money-back guarantee.

Let’s put your next white paper on a solid foundation!