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Anyone can write a white paper that’s “okay.”

We’re not satisfied with that.

And we don’t think you should be, either.

For your white paper, we’ll create text that snaps with energy and sparkles with clarity, backed up by impeccable research from top-quality sources.

In fact, we won’t be happy unless you get the most compelling, most persuasive white paper your company has ever published.

You’ll get some truly great content that will work hard to generate leads, build buzz, and deliver sales… for years to come.

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Benefit from our vast experience

Gordon has worked as a tech journalist, marketing executive, and now B2B copywriter with 292 white papers under his belt.

He’s won 14 writing awards from the Society for Technical Communication (STC).

He’s worked as a big-city newspaper editor, software publisher and science book editor.

He’s taught at two universities and given 75+ professional workshops.

And now he’s assembled an expert team that together creates top-notch white papers on all kinds of topics.

When you hire us to create your next white paper, you’ll benefit from all our experience in writing, marketing and publishing.

Follow a proven process

When we work together, we follow a 12-step process fine-tuned while writing scores of white papers.

This process is designed to save time, avoid rework, and minimize miscommunication.

Here’s a quick overview. On your project, we will:

  • Do deep research without wasting your time
  • Create an outline to confirm our direction
  • Explain your offering without buzzwords
  • Sum up your benefits without hype
  • Tell your story in crisp, journalistic style
  • Deliver a superbly crafted white paper
  • Cheerfully implement your comments
  • Provide a complete bundle of sources

And if you need, we have trusted colleagues who can:

  • Help research and draft to meet your deadline
  • Create professional-quality graphics
  • Provide an easy-to-read page design

Our services are designed to save you $$$ and get better results than if you tried to do it yourself or work with a less-experienced writer.

And get help promoting your white paper

We realize the final step—marketing your white paper—can make or break its success.

To help your white paper succeed, we can bundle in several powerful bonuses:

  • A checklist of 18 must-do promotional tactics to make sure you cover the bases
  • A copy of my book, White Papers For Dummies, with a whole chapter devoted to promoting white papers
  • 30-minute telephone consult to answer all your questions about promoting your white paper

No other white paper writer can offer that.

When you’re ready to start discussing your next white paper, tell us about your project.