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Guest tip: Excise the IZEs!

placard reading Excise the IZEs!

The tendency to add IZE to nouns is an old story in English. The practice has been going on for centuries. Apologize was born before 1600, and criticize appeared in Shakespeare’s day. Revolutionize came along before 1800; burglarize first appeared in the 1870s. Edwin Newman, in his book A Civil Tongue, suggests that by adding…

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How to handle the 4 types of comments on white papers

Dealing with comments can be challenging. This excellent article from copywriting legend Bob Bly describes how to recognize and handle the different types of comments from clients. Comments on draft white papers fall into one of four categories. This is my view after 37 years as a professional copywriter. During that time, I’ve written white papers and many other…

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