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The best of That White Paper Guy

infographic on 3 flavors of white papers from White Papers For Dummies

Looking for tips and tricks on white papers? Let’s review some of the free resources available from That White Paper Guy.  An infographic, an FAQ about white papers, recommended books, close to 100 easy-to-search articles, our LinkedIn group, and even a crash course in writing B2B content — we’ve got plenty for you to explore. Download our white paper infographic…

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Journalists, consider writing B2B content

Journalism today is a classic “red ocean.” That means too many fish and not enough food. There’s blood in the water from all that competition, and all those kills. How did it get that way? According to this article in The Atlantic, U.S. print advertisers spent $45 billion in 2003. Ten years later, they spent only $19 billion.…

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Tech writers, consider writing B2B content

Technical writing today is a sea of uncertainty. For tech writers fighting for jobs, it’s like trying to stay afloat in a turbulent sea. And there’s blood in the water, with too many fish fighting over too little food. That’s called a “red ocean.” How did tech writing get this way? All this uncertainty flows from a…

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