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A look back at 2015 | That White Paper Guy

We covered a lot this year in our quest to help you create compelling white papers.

To give you a quick review, we’re highlighting the best of the bunch.


That White Paper Guy’s website

We’ve been sharing articles every two weeks on our website,

We’ve found you love to see real-world examples from our portfolio, and you love it when Gordon dishes on what not to do.

And, you’re hungry to get hired and to develop good, solid writing habits.

2015’s top articles

Worst. White. Paper. Ever.
This was our most popular post. We used a real-world example from a huge company to show you what doesn’t work in a white paper. And we had great fun engaging with your comments on this.

How to Get Hired
It’s clear to us that many of our visitors and subscribers are hungry to find clients. This post helps assess your strengths.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Writers
After all these years, Stephen Covey’s title and concepts still work! In this article, we take the seven habits and apply them to B2B copywriting.

Where to Find Stock Photos
Pauline Clark, That White Paper Guy’s editor and assistant extraordinaire dug in and found the best stock photography sites out there.

The Crash Course in B2B Content

Interestingly, the articles we wrote to promote Gordon’s online course were also among your favs.

We started off by showing journalists, tech writers, and copywriters why they should consider writing B2B content.

Then we discussed a few necessary attitude-shifts and areas to “skill up” for journalists, tech writers, and copywriters.

These articles supported the launch of Gordon’s online class, Crash Course in B2B Writing, available through American Writers & Artists Inc (AWAI).

This online, self-paced program provides a quick overview of the 12 most popular types of B2B content, from blog posts to white papers.

It’s aimed at both beginners who need to build their confidence and established copywriters keen to boost their incomes.

One experienced writer with years of experience called it a “must-have for any copywriter”!

Our series on repurposing

As B2B content marketing slowly matures, everyone is realizing that the research and persuasion in a white paper can be reused in other pieces. But not everyone knows how.

In 2015 we released a detailed 6-part series on repurposing a white paper.

We started by introducing one of the white papers we produced in 2014.

Then we showed how to slice and dice that same content into:

By recycling your white paper into different formats, you’ll reach a much broader audience, and deliver more value to your clients. If you’re a B2B marketer, you’ll get more bang for your marketing buck.

There’s plenty more to read on our site, and you’re always welcome to take a look.

You can find everything from our recommended books on copywriting, content marketing, and B2B marketing to the Web’s only white paper FAQ.

We truly hope these articles help you succeed with your own B2B copywriting and marketing.

What’s ahead in 2016

In 2016, we will continue to support white paper sponsors and writers in their quest to produce excellent work.

And as always, best wishes for all your projects, and for everyone you hold dear!

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