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White paper writer tip #1: Stop selling

Sleazy salesperson with three silly claims

You must avoid the #1 problem with this format: Too much selling The solution is simple: Stop writing sales pitches and calling them white papers. Sponsors, recognize the danger of inserting a sales pitch into a white paper. Stop pressuring your writers to include them. Stop shooting yourself in the foot! What’s the problem with selling?…

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White paper writer tip #2: Build an argument

head of Aristotle on ancient Greek coin

Every white paper writer must learn how to build a coherent argument. Without one, your white papers won’t convince anyone of anything. But a white paper that presents a strong argument can be right on the money. It can generate great results for years running. The question is, what makes a good argument? And how do…

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White paper writer tip #4: Think visually

To create an effective white paper today, text alone doesn’t cut it. Every white paper writer must be able to imagine powerful graphics to help tell their client’s story.  Why? Because white papers are getting brighter, bolder, and more colorful. Great pictures and graphics are a must-have. For best results, you must learn how to dream up images that communicate your key points at a…

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11 ways to grab attention with a white paper

What are some tips and tricks for grabbing a reader’s attention with a white paper? I recently answered that question on Quora.  There are many things you can do to help get a white paper noticed, ranging from the cover to the structure to how you write the content. Here’s a more detailed answer, expanded…

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