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White Paper World 22: May 18, 2023

  Fresh content: YouTube episodes on my AI white paper This just in: 2023 report on B2B content from NetLine What I’m listening to: “Hurt” by Johnny Cash Big Book Giveaway next issue Fresh content: YouTube episodes on my AI white paper   If you haven’t yet read the white paper I wrote with ChatGPT,…

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White Paper World 20: April 14, 2023

This just in: AI for Writers Summit Highlights Fresh worry: AI may “flatline” all human skills Quick tip: Stop charging by the hour! You asked: Why so much on AI? This just in: Highlights of AI for Writers Summit Writers who have never written a line of code in their lives make the best AI…

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You asked: Why so much on AI?

event horizon of a black hole

“Why all this stuff on AI?” you ask. “I thought this website was about white papers?” You’re right. It is. Allow me to explain. I believe AI is a game-changer for all writers today. A black hole that every writer is being sucked through. A singularity that changes everything. And here’s why. I’ve written about…

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Quick Tip: Stop charging by the hour!

yellow alarm clock on piles of US dollars

Whatever you think about AI, it’s fast. And cheap.  ChatGPT-4 can write a blog post faster than you can dictate the words. And it can revise and rewrite just as fast. For pennies. With no complaints. So if you’re a writer or agency still charging clients by the hour, you can’t compete with your old-fashioned…

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Responsible AI Policies

hand holding glowing ball marked AI

I believe every organization should develop and post AI policies on their website. This manifesto was originally created by the Marketing AI Institute. That White Paper Guy agrees with all the following principles. We believe in the responsible design, development, deployment, and operation of AI technologies. We believe in a human-centered approach to AI that empowers…

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How to choose an AI writing product

AI writing tools from Mike Kaput at AI for Writers Summit March 2023

There’s a ton of AI writing products out there, with more added every week. How can you possibly pick the right one? Well, here are some thoughts.  At the AI for Writers Summit at the end of March 2023, Mike Kaput from Marketing AI Institute presented a list of writing tools. He briefly summed up…

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White Paper World 19: March 23, 2023

Quick tip: With AI, write a numbered list This just in: My white paper for the Linux Foundation Tools of the trade: Erasable pens March Book Giveaway Contest: Tell us about your first quarter Quick tip: With AI, write a numbered list* ChatGPT struggles to write logical long-form content. So don’t do it. To write…

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The White Paper Review: Catch all the episodes here!

The White Paper Review YouTube show title

The only YouTube show that asks the burning question: Is this white paper any good? Presented by two writers who care intensely about white papers: content writer Brian Boys and Gordon Graham, That White Paper Guy.  In every episode, we look at one white paper we think has a lot to offer and another we…

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