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The #1 mistake B2B copywriters make

What’s the #1 mistake B2B copywriters make? How can they avoid this mistake or fix it? We asked eight accomplished copywriters these questions.  Here’s what they told us. Mistake #1: Not learning the craft “A common mistake? Hanging out their shingles too soon,” says Gordon Graham, also known as That White Paper Guy. “Lots of beginners…

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The #1 mistake B2B content marketers make

What’s the #1 mistake that B2B content marketers make? We put this question to our expert panel of B2B content consultants. Here’s what they told us. Tip #1: Use sales copy to promote content Steve Slaunwhite is a marketing consultant and veteran B2B copywriter who’s written many books about writing and marketing. He says the #1 mistake B2B content…

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White paper writer tip #4: Think visually

To create an effective white paper today, text alone doesn’t cut it. Every white paper writer must be able to imagine powerful graphics to help tell their client’s story.  Why? Because white papers are getting brighter, bolder, and more colorful. Great pictures and graphics are a must-have. For best results, you must learn how to dream up images that communicate your key points at a…

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White paper writer tip #3: Plan your work

Remember the old chestnut to “plan your work, and work your plan?” That certainly applies to white paper writers. Why? Just consider most other professions. Does a surgeon go into the operating room—without reviewing the patient’s chart? Does a golfer tee up his first drive in the U.S. Open—without playing a few rounds on the…

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White paper writer tip #2: Build an argument

head of Aristotle on ancient Greek coin

Every white paper writer must learn how to build a coherent argument. Without one, your white papers won’t convince anyone of anything. But a white paper that presents a strong argument can be right on the money. It can generate great results for years running. The question is, what makes a a good argument? And how…

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White paper writer tip #1: Stop selling

Every white paper writer must avoid the #1 problem with white papers: Too much selling. The solution is simple: Stop writing sales pitches and calling them white papers. White paper sponsors must recognize the danger of inserting a sales pitch into a white paper. Stop pressuring your writers to include them. Stop shooting yourself in the foot! What’s the…

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4 lessons copywriters must unlearn to write white papers

Copywriters can write effective white papers. If you’ve done any copywriting, you know more about marketing than most writers. To succeed at white papers, copywriters just need to unlearn a few things. As a copywriter, you already have many skills you can apply to writing white papers. You likely know how to: Do research Interview experts Write smoothly Meet…

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Copywriting vs content writing

Here’s a question I got recently: Is copywriting any different from content writing? That’s a great question. Here’s my answer, some lively comments, and an update I posted after thinking about this some more. I was fortunate to learn my craft while writing for traditional magazines. From 1985 to today, I’ve written close to 1,000 magazine…

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